6 Best Android Smartphone Apps for Movies and TV Shows

Best Smartphone Apps

Watching movies on big screens like on TV or your PC is fun and all but nothing beats watching your favourite shows on your android smartphone, laying in your warm bed under your sheets. This gives you a great feeling of peace and you actually focus better in that cosy setting.

Now, if you love watching films like that in your bed, you are going to need some awesome android streaming apps to make things more fun.

Any good streaming app will give you quality content like platforms Kimcartoons, Hulu, etc, and will offer the best user experience, and guess what? We have come up with some apps that give you both those things.

So, let’s not waste any more of your precious time and take a look at these best android smartphones apps one by one

  1. Sling Tv

This amazing android app is designed to make your streaming experience convenient, and more productive. Many features make this app the best pick for you for example its huge movies and show collection, automatic subtitles for each show/movie, high video resolution, and fast loading speed.

This app offers you all these cool services at a very reasonable cost. You can watch here documentaries, web series, sitcoms, latest and old films, and much more with just one click.

  1. Netflix

After completely dominating the streaming world on PCs Netflix developed an app for the androids as well and it is truly remarkable. The app takes very little time to load the films that means no buffering whatsoever.

There are various features like favourite shows, upcoming movies, history, and resume options for each show that you watch.

You can see ratings, read descriptions for movies and even for each episode of the series and not to mention the freedom to change the audio language and to add the subtitles which makes streaming so much fun.

  1. Pluto TV

This app has a very efficient layout and its interface makes it very easy for you to navigate through various parts of the app to find the shows or movies that you love.

The app is updated regularly to add the latest movies and episodes of ongoing shows. You can find here a myriad of old classic films in a pretty reasonable result as well.

  1. Popcornflix

This app is among the best when it comes to movies collection and video resolution. The site is mostly known for hosting films, just like moviesda and that is why you will have no luck finding here Tv dramas or web series.

The movies on this site are literally in thousands. You see plenty of genres on the main page and each of these genres contains a huge movies collection for you for free.

The app has various cool features like an auto-completion search option, video resolution control button, movie synopsis and rating feature, and much more.

  1. Crackle

Crackle has received mixed reviews from the users but considering that it is totally free and that it has a huge movies library available for you 24/7, you can say that it does the job just fine.

The app is great in terms of movie loading speed, video quality, and offers a very little number of ads which contributes to a smooth streaming experience.

  1. MovieBox Pro

This streaming app stands out for a UI that is both interactive and effective. Movie Box pays extra attention to the user experience and it is made clear by the high video quality for each show and movie and very few ads that the app offers.

You can find on this app all the mainstream animated as well as live-action films to keep yourself occupied for hours. With the app’s filter search feature, you can find content that you love in no time at all.

Final Words

So, check out these cool apps to have a great streaming experience on your android smartphone. All these apps have been selected for their great user ratings and reviews on the app store.

Install any of the above-listed apps and we assure you that you will see a clear improvement in the quality of content and variety of shows to watch in your free time.