7 Ways to Speed Up Your Testing Cycles Using Automation

7 Ways to Speed Up Your Testing Cycles Using Automation
7 Ways to Speed Up Your Testing Cycles Using Automation

The development of a proper and efficient system is highly essential to maintain a company’s stand in the market’s presence. It is also necessary to evaluate the system and all its components. This process helps the companies ensure that the system meets all the end-user requirements and is ready for release. However, in the modern, fast-paced agile development environment, it is highly essential to complete all the processes in a short period. The developers need to devise methods and implement them to make the software testing life cycle more efficient and quicker. 

Automation Testing plays a significant role in improving the efficiency of software testing. With the proper implementation of this wonderful Technology, the developer can extract the development environment’s full potential. In this article, we will discuss the various ways to improve the efficiency of automation testing. 

Importance of Automation Testing Automation Testing helps to execute test cases by using automation tools. This wonderful Technology helps to reduce human errors in the testing life cycle. The primary goal of Automation Testing is to replace manual testing which is a time consuming and error-prone process. Automation Testing helps to speed up the test execution process with accuracy as it does not require any form of human intervention.

There are various benefits of adapting Automation Testing for the software testing life cycle. For instance, this wonderful Technology ensures the superior delivery of high-quality products with improved test automation effectiveness and maximum ROI. The speed and agility of Automation Testing help to shorten the development cycle by improving the quality of the software. So, Automation Testing is not only time-efficient but also cost-effective. The software development companies can ensure the superiority of the output produced by implementing automation testing. As a developer, you must remember that the application’s quality helps to improve the customer experience in the present market that competitive brands control. 

Ways to Speed Up Your Testing Cycles Using Automation

1. Organized Effort is the Key Factor to Proper Testing

An organized effort is considered to be one of the most underrated tips in the Software Development Industry. However, with proper analysis, any developer can understand that this is one of the most crucial ways to speed up the testing process. The organization of the test environment helps to save a lot of time in the development process. Efficient test management methods are one of the vital skills that every software test engineer must possess. This skill helps to simplify the Automation Testing process for any company. The testers must remember to maintain all the data and automation records accurately for later use and reference purposes.

These data help to conduct all the redundant processes in the development life cycle. For instance, the developers can use the records to repeat the cycle in a shorter interval of time.

2. Using Smart Test Data

Most automated tests create test data using various browsers. Instead of going with this method, the developers can create the data directly in the database. This process helps to reduce the total time consumed in the testing process drastically. Many experts have found the process to be effective in terms of cost and time consumption. Furthermore, the process of minimizing user interface interaction results in speeding up the testing process. This process also helps to increase the reliability of the testing mechanism. The developers must remember that this approach may not be beneficial for projects that have Complex database interaction. This is because smart data cannot interact with multiple data sources at the same time. 

3. A Clear and Concise Automated Testing Process

In certain companies, the developers waste most of the time waiting for a build or an upgrade for the testing environment. For this case, it is essential to switch the testing strategy to resolve the issue. For instance, the developer can use special software tools that are built specifically for this purpose. So, they can help you save a lot of time that you are consuming by using traditional methods. The developers must remember that the test cases’ scope also decides the time required for its completion. In simple terms, the developers must keep a clear, concise, and well-defined goal to utilize their testing environment’s full potential.

4. Use of Parallel Testing

Performing one test after another takes a lot of time as it is a lengthy and complex process. So, completing one task with another can help you wind up the task a lot easier and faster. The developers cannot deny that Automation Testing can help test the various parts of the application more quickly. The developers must remember that depending on the complexity of the testing mechanism; it can become time-consuming at certain times. Parallel testing is the developer’s ticket to quick testing as it allows you to conduct more test cases in a shorter period. The most significant limitation of parallel testing is that all the tests can contradict each other. These cases are more visible when the tests are referring to the same browser resources. The developers should use different browser resources while using parallel threads.  

5. Adopting a Modular Approach for the Test Environment

The modular approach for test management helps you create a complete suite of manual and automated test scripts. This suit is easy to maintain compared to the traditional method. In case errors arise in the testing process, the engineers can use this suite to solve the issues faster. The developers can reuse the modular test suites during the redundant test cases. This saves a lot of time and effort for the quality assessment team. The tests have a strong foundation for automation test development as certain specific functions organize them. 

As the developers do not need to focus on writing tests every time, they can spend this time on the execution and detection of defects. In simple terms, the developers can save a lot of time by looking for existing models and editing them according to the test requirements.

6. The Developers Must Understand the Test Pyramid

Theoretical solid foundations can help software developers achieve better results in the test processes. This Foundation acts as the first step towards ensuring a sound performance for your application. The developers identify the variation in this process during various features of the testing process. For instance, they can recognize it during unit, integration, performance, and user interface levels. The test pyramid’s primary goal is to advise the testers to add more tests to the lowest level of the pyramid. This is because the test that runs at the lowest level of the pyramid is generally faster than the user interface test.  

7. The Cross-Browser Testing Strategy Helps to Speed Up the Testing process

Cross-Browser testing ensures that the application performs smoothly on different devices and operating systems. The simple goal of cross-browser app development is to create a uniform application that can run on multiple devices. This saves a lot of development time and budget as you have to make only one application instead of separate ones. However, the developer must remember that cross-browser testing can become Complex depending on the website. Cross-browser testing ensures companies do not compromise on the compatibility of their web application. There are various tools and platforms that developers can use to ensure the compatibility of the web application.  

8. Communication Plays an Important Role

Communication plays an essential role in the systematic execution of every process. Using Communication, the companies can maintain synchronization between different teams of the development environment. To utilize the full potential of Communication, the developer must divide the work in an identical sequence. Proper Communication helps to conduct all the testing mechanisms at an efficient and faster rate. This is because all the members are on the same page regarding Test strategy, documentation, planning, and implementation. This process also helps the involvement of the development team with the quality assessment team. 

9. The Developers Must Search for the Right Parameters

The developer needs to judge the capability of the team members based on the correct parameters. The team will waste a lot of time developing if they focus on the wrong parameters. The developers must clearly define the development parameters’ goals to lead the development process in the right direction. In some instances, it becomes tough to map the test strategies with high-level business goals. These cases are more visible when the companies focus on targets that are entirely out of their reach. So, you must ensure that your testing parameters are precise, concise, and according to the company’s requirements. 

How to Utilize the Full Potential of Automation Testing

Test automation tools and platforms play a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness of the automation process. The companies must choose the perfect tools that match the business ideas of the company. However, with thousands of platforms and tools available in the market, it might be a complex process to decide. Let us take a look at an excellent platform automation testing:

How LambdaTest can help you?

It is a platform that helps users to perform cloud automation testing on an online Selenium grid. Using LambdaTest, developers and testers can perform various web application tests with a secure and reliable Selenium grid. Millions of users all around the world use LambdaTest to perform automation testing of their web applications. 

The platform also has a simple mechanism to log all the bugs that can be detected during the testing process via integration with tools like JIRA, Asana and slack etc. Using LambdaTest, the developer can also perform various visual element tests in the web application. In simple terms, the developers can use LambdaTest to test, debug and deliver high-quality web applications in a short period.

The Final Verdict

Many experts predicted Automation Testing would play a vital role in determining the software testing industry’s future. In present times, most of the major companies have transitioned their manual testing environment into an Automation Testing workplace. The small start-up companies might have some specific issues in this transition. This is because Automation Testing comes with a relatively high upfront cost. This cost pays off over the years in terms of reduced development efforts. 

We can conclude that all software development companies must put serious effort into reforming their testing environment. In this article, we discussed various ways to utilize the full potential of the testing environment. Lastly, we would recommend all the readers to checkout LamdaTest as the ultimate platform for Cross-browser automation testing.