A Complete Guide about Quality Assurance in Web Development

Quality Assurance in Web Development

Website development is not the work of just a few clicks. It includes a specific procedural process that should be performed carefully to create a website. In short, developing a website requires special skills and expertise. In addition to it, developing a website is not enough. You need to ensure the quality of the website in order to provide a satisfactory experience to the users.

The number of website users is increasing significantly, so the website owners in the UAE are also paying more attention to the quality assurance of their sites. Quality assurance can be termed as the last step in the development process of the website, which highlights even the trivial issues. If the website completes the quality assurance test, it can offer a quality user experience.

Dig deeper into this article to explore a comprehensive guide about quality assurance in website development.

Top 7 Quality Assurance Stages in Web Development

Once you have completed the initial stages of website development, it might have issues like bugs, poor performance, poor page loading speed etc. all of these issues undermine the quality of the website. Quality assurance is the step in which the expert check different features and performance of the website through various tests in order to improve its functioning.

Here are the top-quality assurance stages your website must pass to provide a quality experience to the users.

1. Requirements Analysis

The first stage in the quality assurance of a website is the requirement analysis. This is the basic step in which the experts analyze the essential and nonfunctional requirements of a website. It helps them develop a clear idea about the points they need to focus on. On the other hand, the business organizations not much aware of the technicalities, hire a web development company in Dubai to not only develop but ensure proper quality assurance of their site.

2. Test Planning

Once the experts have done the required testing, the next stage in quality assurance is test planning. At this stage, the experts utilize the information from the previous stage to plan all the other stages of the process. They tend to the details of strategy, budget, scope, deadline and types of testing required to ensure the website is free of any kind of quality issue.

3. Test Design

One of the most important stages in the quality assurance of a website is the test design. This is the stage in which the experts design various tests according to the features and requirements of the website they need to check. They also highlight the outlines and steps of the process in detail in order to describe if the feature works perfectly or not.

4. Performance Testing

Performance testing is another crucial quality assurance stage during the development of a website. As the name suggests, the focus of this test is on the performance of the website, with special attention on page load speed, site response and core web vitals under different conditions. The experts set the conditions and then improve the quality of the website after testing the features.

5. Test Execution and Bug Reporting

One of the most crucial stages in the quality assurance of a website is test execution and bug reporting. The stage follows what is stated in the name. The experts prepare and then conduct the test on the website to track and catch the bugs. After that, the bugs are fixed, and the tests are repeated. In the end, the experts develop the report to maintain the record.

6. Regression Testing

Regression testing is another important quality assurance stage in the web development process. This testing applies when the experts fix the bugs in the website and make a change in it. The regression testing is performed to check if the changes have given rise to other issues or not. If there are more issues, the experts will perform more tests to find and fix them until the website is free of issues and ensures a quality user experience.

7. Security Testing

With the advancement in technology, criminal activities have advanced too. One of the worst and most prevalent is cybercrime. Hacking of websites is included in it. Therefore, the experts perform the security testing to ensure that the website is secure against safety threats. You can hire a web development company to develop, and perform quality assurance on your website efficiently, so the users can have a safe and sound experience.

Prioritize quality assurance of the website to enjoy more traffic!

A website will only attract more traffic if it offers a quality experience to the user. Quality assurance is the process that can help the authorities not only check but also improve the functioning of the website if there are any issues in the website. If you are not an expert, do not experiment with your website; contact the professionals to develop and perform quality assurance on your website.