A Guide on Bad Neighbor Effect in Shared Hosting

shared hosting

When you find a web host for your website, you expect to get various services, features and offers from your hosting service. Getting your money-worth services is possible if you are consulting the best services. These services are mostly compromised with a shared hosting service. These bad services provided to a website over the other are known as a bad neighbor effect.

There comes a situation in shared hosting when there is a huge amount of traffic to one website; in order to reduce the downtime of that website, the host pays all attention to that website. In such a way, other websites affiliated with the host are left unattended.

Dig deeper into this article to understand what are the bad neighbor effects and how to overcome these problems with shared hosting.

Top 3 bad neighbor effects in shared hosting

Shared hosting services may be affordable and convenient for many websites, but the services provided by these hosts are not that satisfactory. These shared services cause several problems and issues for the website they host.  One such problem is the bad neighbor effect of one website on the others.

Following are common problems and effects of shared hosting.

1. Increased downtime

For keeping the traffic flow, your website must have higher uptime and lower downtime. But the bad neighbor effect restricts other websites sharing the host to stay available for their users. The host will be busy dealing with the traffic of one website while leaving the others down. Such types of issues make website owners think about host switches and shifts because they cannot afford to have their website down all the time. Websites with higher uptime requirements seek web hosting UAE services which enable them to stay available and responsive for their users.

2. Higher site abandon rates

When your website continuously faces problems and fails to meet the user requirements, the user is more likely to abandon your web page. One factor that increases site abandon rates is the bad user experience, and your user experience is affiliated with the site responsiveness and loading speed. The bad neighbor effect restricts some websites from being quick in responding to the queries of the website users.

3. All resources allocated to one website

In shared hosting, the resources of a host are divided among various websites. When one website is facing huge traffic, the host assigns all its resources to that particular website. It is good for the website with higher traffic, but the other websites are not entertained and assigned any resources. A good host must be able to distribute its resources to the website as per its requirement without any delay.

Top 3 solutions to avoid the bad neighbor effect

The availability of your website is important to help you achieve your objective of having a website. These objectives are only possible to achieve if your host is reliable and free of problems in delivering the services promised.

Following are some effective ways to avoid the bad neighbor effect.

1. Dedicated servers

With dedicated servers, you do not have to worry about sharing the provided services or server with any other website. When you have no website sharing your server, then there is no bad neighbor effect. This problem occurs when there is a single server or a server shared by many websites. With dedicated servers, there is no concept of sharing; what promised to be yours remains yours.

2. Real-time monitoring services

It is always important to know when an issue occurs with your website so that you can mend it on time. A real-time monitoring system will help you identify problem areas of your website and help you find reasons for poor website performance. When you use a shared host for your website, there is a possibility that the hackers hacking a website might also affect your website. That is why a real-time monitoring system will help your website from such attacks; your host must include such services in their hosting policy.

3. Reliable web hosts

A reliable host is the one that has the complete package and offers services to improve your website performance and availability. With shared services, you will not get reliable services, and thus, the problems will also be more serious. For keeping your website safe from bad effects and influences from other websites, get yourself a dedicated and reliable web host. If you are looking for a reliable host, Web hosting UAE services has all the solutions to your web issues and problems.

Final words!

For keeping your websites from showing bad performances to your users, make sure you are opting for the right hosting service. Looking for cheaper options while finding a host for your website may seem ok for the time being, but it won’t work for you in the longer run. So, make sure the host you have chosen for your website contains all the properties and features of an ideal host.