All You Need To Know About Empty Leg Flights


Who wouldn’t want to fly on a private jet? Everyone does and for good reasons.

If you live in the Gulf region, you can choose from abundant aviation companies in UAE to have a comfortable journey.  Apart from enjoying the luxuries of the private plane all by yourself, you get to take pleasure in the ultimate convenience as you fly on your own schedule sans queuing in security lines and boarding.

Having said that, flying solo can be quite expensive, but there’s a way you can do it without burning a hole in your pockets. It is due to empty leg. This way, you can bag quite a discount on private jet charters. However, you need to make sure that your travel plans are flexible.

Continue reading to know more about empty leg and all that it entails:

Empty Leg

The term is self-explanatory. Empty legs are the flights that are scheduled to fly without taking any passengers.

Empty legs are also denoted by dead-heads, repositioning legs, and ferry flights. A study found that 30-50% of private charter jets fly empty often. They happen to be an on-demand travel solution. Empty legs available when an aircraft needs to return for a charter or reposition itself. The aircraft operator might not be able to get a customer at full-price who wants to fly a one-way charter that matches the particular route and time of the said aircraft.

Since the aircraft needs to be moved nonetheless, the operator is more than willing to offer the empty part of the flight at a big discount.

Cost of Empty Legs

Empty leg flights can be as much as 75% off the standard charter prices. Owing to the nature of the predetermined requirements, empty legs happen to be a cost-effective means to book private jet travel many cannot afford otherwise.  However, as said earlier, you would have to be flexible with the arrangements and be successful in finding a one-way flight that suits all of your travel needs.

Some companies offer empty leg flights that are available up to 50-70% discount on the usual charter price. The exact price is going to be determined by the operator as well as the route is taken for the flight. If operators are unable to sell the flight, they can offer exceptionally low prices at the last minute.

When is Empty Leg a Good Option For You?

If you want to enjoy all the benefits that private jet travel has to offer, and that, too, at a price that doesn’t disturb your budget, an empty leg flight could be great for you. You can enjoy an empty leg flight when you have the feasibility of being flexible in terms of departure date and/or destination. You might have some time on your hands and you are looking for a last-minute trip. If that is the case, and you don’t have a set idea of which destination that you want to travel to, an empty leg could bill the bill perfectly.

The only thing that you should know that your schedule should allow you to be a bit laid back as far as flight time is concerned. Also, there could be last-minute changes to your schedule. You should know that empty leg flights are only one-way. You need to organize your journey separately.

Although not all charter companies market and promote empty legs, a large chunk of them offer empty leg specials. After all, which company would not like to earn some extra revenue and boost utilization of the fleet.

Final Words

An empty flight could be a great way to enjoy private jet travel at low prices. You have the opportunity to avail all the regular benefits of flying in a charter plane with spacious seating, on-board service, eating options, and a seamless flying experience that makes your travel memorable.

Moreover, you can save significantly on private jet flights by flying empty leg specials. There is also a possibility of combining an empty leg with airline flights or a private charter schedule so you can enjoy a luxurious flight at a cost-effective price. Giving one’s private jet for hire is a growing trend among the elite. Rather than putting their private jets for sale, they monetize their assets by giving them to charter companies so others can fly luxuriously.