Automatic Carton Packing Machine is a machine that automatically packs cartons


Bottles are fed automatically, cardboard is delivered automatically, inspection is performed automatically, and the process is completed automatically.

When all of the bottles have been delivered to the machine, they are inspected and arranged in accordance with the programmed process. Once the cartons have been completed, the cardboard supplying mechanism will deliver the cardboard to it, and the bottle dropping mechanism will place them into the cardboard, and the cardboard folding mechanism will fold the cardboard and glue it together, and finally seal it up. The carton will be sent out of the machine by the roller once it has been made, which increases the production efficiency and allows for fully automatic, manless production.

Developed both in the United States and elsewhere, the automatic Cartoning Machine is the most recent technological innovation made feasible by sophisticated technology. An advanced technological product, it integrates light, electricity, air, and a motor into a single unit. Increasing the features and efficiency of the equipment when it is in operation. because of its quick response time It has the ability to satisfy the demands of rapid packing while keeping a consistent output. Even under high-speed working situations, the state is dependable. Product packaging that is automated is used in the pharmaceutical, food, health-care, batteries, and hardware industries. The principal application for this machine is in other industries. Processes such as the conveyance of packed items and the robotic unwrapping of cartons are examples. Packaging items automatically involves automatic packaging of the user guide (optional) and the products, as well as transportation of packed goods.

Robotic cartoning machines are equipment that allow you to produce customised carton packages for a range of different commodities using a computer programme. The machine necessitates the integration of light, electrical, air, and mechanical components. Cartoning machines are a sort of packing machine that is specifically intended to pack cartons of various sizes. The cartons are folded, side seams are sewn, and the cartons are sealed. They are straight when they are closed.

Main configuration

  • Siemens PLC (programmable logic controller)
  • Danfoss is a manufacturer of frequency converters.
  • SICK is a photoelectric sensor.
  • Panasonic servo motor (servo motor)
  • SMC pneumatic components SMC pneumatic components
  • Apparatus with a low voltage Schneider
  • Schneider/Siemens touch screen computer

Main equipment description

  • The conveyor system will be used to divide and check the product as it travels down the line.
  • System for automatic carton cardboard supply: This equipment is installed on the side of the main machine, where it stores the carton cardboards. The vacuumed sucking disc will indraft the cardboard into the guide slot, and then the belt will transport the cardboard into the main machine. Automatic carton supplying system
  • Automatic bottle dropping system: This system automatically separates the bottles in the carton unit and then drops the bottles in a predetermined location.
  • Mechanism for folding cardboard: The servo driver for this mechanism will drive the chain, which will fold the cardboard in a step-by-step fashion.
  • Lateral carton pressing mechanism: This mechanism is responsible for pressing the lateral cardboard of the carton into the desired shape.
  • The top carton pressing mechanism consists of a cylinder that presses the cardboard of the carton up once it has been glued. It is adjustable, making it suited for a variety of different-sized cardboard cartons.

Main Features

  • Structure that is simple, making it simple to install and maintain.
  • Pneumatic parts, electric parts, and operation parts are made with high-quality components from world-renowned manufacturers.
  • When there is a change in the production line, all that is required is a modification to the software programme.
  • bottled and jarred packaged goods
  • There is no pollution because of the great level of automation and intellectualization.
  • When compared to the standard palletizer, the Robert Palletizer takes up less room and is more flexible and accurate.
  • More productive due to the reduction of a large amount of labour and labour costs.