Automatic Cartoning System


The term ” Automatic cartoning machine” refers to a type of packaging machine that erects and closes carton blanks, as well as filling and closing folded and side seam sealed cartons.

In all areas of the fast-moving consumer goods industry, but particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as the toiletry and cosmetics industries and the home products industry, Automatic cartoning machines are utilised. While the most basic cartoning systems can be semi-automatic machines that close the flaps manually at low speeds, the most sophisticated Automatic cartoning systems are fully automatic machines that incorporate product loading or stacking devices, leaflet inserters, and coding devices and can produce several hundred cartons per minute.

Bingo Vertical Cartoning System (also known as the Bingo Vertical Cartoning System) is a cartoning system that is vertically stacked:

For inserting products from the top of a carton, the Bingo Vertical Cartoning System is ideal for a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, stationery and toy manufacturing. It is also excellent for electrical devices manufacturing, among other things.

The use of vertical cartoning facilitates product insertion into the container, making it a simple and appropriate option for many products that are challenging to insert. During semi-automatic operation, product placement is performed manually, while all carton handling is performed automatically. Alternatively, product placement can be accomplished with a robotic arm, which allows for complete automation.

Bingo accommodates a wide range of carton sizes, and switching between sizes is straightforward, making it an excellent cartoning solution for applications that require frequent changeover.


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System for Cartoning at Extremely High Speed (Bravo):

Because the Bravo horizontal cartoner incorporates both mechanical transmission and servo control, it is both reliable and flexible in its operation. The result is a cartoner that is both fast and simple to operate. Its unique carton opening mechanism, quick replace parts, ergonomic design, balcony construction, smooth operation, and broad feature set distinguish Bravo from all other intermittent cartoners on the market, and make it the finest value for money.

Simpak Mini SIM Card Wrapping and Cartoning System is a small yet effective system for packaging and shipping SIM cards:

Simpak is designed for individually wrapping individual SIM cards of 2FF/3FF size and automatically arranging the wrapped cards in cartons in a variety of configurations, including fan-folded, short chain, and singles.

This system, which seals films with heat sealing technology, is ideal for use with PE film, OPP film, and PE coated paper, among other materials

XQ-ZX550 All-in-one Fully Automatic Case Packer:

Automatic Case packer is a machine that combines carton unloading, folding, product loading, and carton top-bottom sealing into a single unit. It is widely used in cosmetics, medicine, healthcare, commodities, and other industries to package products in cartons.

  • Small batch packaging at a pharmacy is made affordable using this machine.
  • Side-loading technology with a high level of efficiency.
  • balcony packer that complies with GMP standards.
  • Design with small casters and a compact construction.
  • High adaptability: it can be used for a wide range of packing parameters with varying degrees of success.
  • High precision: product handling and stacking are performed at the highest level of pharmaceutical safety.
  • High dependability is achieved by the use of specific box grasping technology.
  • Dynamic packaging and unpacking are made possible by intelligent synchronous servo technology. how to refresh outlook