How to Own Your Beard Like James Harden


It’s great to have a beard!

Since I hadn’t grown a beard before, I had no clue how tough it was for a male to do so. It doesn’t matter how much a man wants a beard.

What’s not to like about James Harden’s beard, which looks great on and off the court?

When shown photographs of men’s faces, those with beards or stubble appealed more to both men and women, according to a study published in the journal Biology Letters in April 2015.

James Harden Beard Styles:

Let’s take a look at how James Harden has advanced the beard game after we’ve established that having a beard is genuinely pleasant.

He’s a fantastic basketball player with a tremendous deal of talent. In addition to the several titles he helped his team win, he gained a devoted following by sporting a variety of beards.

Since his return, James Harden has also become something of a fashion star. Because of his beard, he’s one of the NBA’s most well-dressed players.

In addition, he started to grow facial hair while playing NCAA basketball at Arizona State.

To put it another way, his beard game is equally impressive.

Get James Harden Beard style to look amazing and fashionable. 

Cuts Based on James Harden’s Beard:

James Harden has been rocking this beard style lately, as far as I can tell.

Having a goatee and a mustache beard has become a signature look for him.

An appearance that many of his followers loved and were glad to flaunt was the one he had in his arsenal.

Having a freshly shaved jawline and neck is required if you want to achieve this look.

Also, make sure your sideburns are kept to a manageable length. Finally, in order to get the ideal beard style, you must keep your hair short.

He Follows the Instructions:

To put it mildly, James Harden is a maestro of the beard. You can do it too if you follow the instructions we’ve given you.

He Ensures to Use the Perfect Clipper Size:

Your barber should also be asked to use a smaller clipper size. Ensure that it doesn’t become too long or short by trimming it periodically.

One-guard or two-guard clippers are up to you. A skilled barber with years of expertise is the only way to get this beard style to look its finest.

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Be Confident:

Self-assurance is a valuable asset for any athlete, and James Harden exudes confidence while sporting his beard.

On the basis of his demeanor alone, it’s evident why he’s the perfect bearded man ambassador.

Your gaze is fixated on him as he maintains an upright chin, and his beard is well-groomed.

Moreover, it’s clear that people’s affection for you isn’t difficult to find.

Instead of worrying about food or other detritus becoming trapped in our beards, we can focus on how great our beard looks when it’s freshly combed and clean!

Unshaven men who are unable to keep their beards clean during sex are the most annoying to me, in my view.

 Only The Best Products:

He only uses the best products to keep his beard looking its best.

As far as I can see, your argument is based on that. His lengthy, shaved beard, on the other hand, hides most of his chiseled chin. 

One can only genuinely comprehend the needs of a bearded person by talking to another bearded guy themselves.

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He has no reservations about posing like a bearded person on magazine covers.

For magazine covers and interviews, James always sports well-groomed facial hair. When it comes to the bearded man, he’s all in.

A self-assured bearded guy seeks out the company of those who share his outlook on life. As a matter of fact, I think so.

For those of you trying to grow a full beard of your own, take a cue from James Harden and consider getting a beard transplant instead!