How XANA is Building the No.1 Gaming Metaverse?

Gaming Metaverse

XANA has become the world’s largest centralized NFT gaming market, successfully onboarded more than 60 gaming projects. And it sold over 1 million Gaming NFTs.

Recently XANA launched Game to build a home for NFT gaming for the first time as part of our vision t but most importantly, one step further in gaming Metaverse. While we offer some popular NFT drops in the market, XANALIA has experienced more than just selling, buying, and trading.

Cyberspace beyond reality, video games, NFTs, the 3D world, and a digital economy unite in one digital spaceBig Tech Metaverse is the hottest topic, from VR glasses to the virtual world. Although recent developments have made the term famous, NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse are always interconnected.

Things you need to know about NFT Games

NFT Gaming will inevitably begin. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are a digital currency placed on a Blockchain that can track the ownership of an asset wherever it goes and offer a percentage of resale to past owners. The search for rare items, the collection of little trinkets, and the opening up of rare art and memorabilia to possess and like should be a cause for concern for the world’s 3 billion gamers. NFT Gaming is one of the most significant new NFT trends of 2022. It will be hard for developers and publishers to ignore. 

Since the launch of XANALIA Marketplace, XANALIA has provided a platform to buy and sell NFTs. It is a slew of new gaming projects every month, ranging from gaming collections to NFT Metaverse items. Due to the positive feedback from our customers, we recently launched Introductory Game Offering (IGO) for the first time as part of our vision to build a home for NFT gaming, but most importantly, in gaming Metaverse. Take a step forward.

IGO: One Step Further In Gaming Metaverse

XANA provides a direct link between NFT’s early game offering (IGO) top gaming projects and a passionate Crypto community. Since its inception, all five IGO drops have sold out in three days and still performing very well in the secondary market, with most projects reaching over 10 million commercial volumes. 

To build the Gaming Metaverse as part of our commitment, we have partnered with XANALIA, Gaming Funds, and over 100 influential people. So that new players can introduce in NFT gaming.  

Why Gamers Choose XANA: The World’s Largest and Fastest Centralized NFT Gaming Platform?

  • XANALIA is the world’s largest Gaming NFT trading platform with over 1 million Gaming NFTs, 60 gaming project NFT drops, and a trading volume of $130 million. 
  • With over $40 million, the fastest-growing IGO platform trading volume was ready in just one month for IGO Drop.
  • High profit on NFT resale where the most expensive gaming NFT on our platform sold.
  • Excellent IGO performance with up to $8 million reductions in trading volume and up to 40 times increase in 24 hours.

More Than a Marketplace

At XANA, people are exploring the world of the metaverse. While we offer some of the most popular NFT drops in the market, XANALIA has more experience in buying, selling, and trading. It’s a fantastic experience where everyone can come together in a digital space, from merchants and collectors to gamers and creators. Here are some things which we do in XANALIA:

1. Create a comprehensive one-stop-shop for Gaming

Gaming Metaverse is fantastic. Where should you start? At XANALIA, we’ve integrated the entire top gaming projects and tokens into one easy-to-use platform. On this platform, users can sell, buy and learn more about NFTs and Gaming NFTs.

2. Regular updates

Continually we are working to improve our customer experience. Our monthly updates emphasize new features. Those features enhance collectors’ and creators’ interaction and exposure, such as creation/ collection profile pages, daily handpicked recommendations, and rating boards.

3. Coming Soon: NFT Virtual World

Stay tuned; we’re working on an in-depth NFT gallery virtual world that lets users navigate and enjoy curated NFT art in a wholly digital space.

Conclusion As part of our ongoing mission to Metaverse, we will continue to welcome new projects. It connects users to the vast Metaverse experience and paves the way for interconnected gaming Metaverse. We’re excited to see what developers are doing and what the future holds for Gaming. IGOs are just the first step in our gaming Metaverse vision, and together with our clients, partners, and gaming projects, we have ample storage in line.