Benefits of Hiring an English to Tamil Translators

English to Tamil translation

Any business that is on the quest to go global needs translation services. Tamil is the official language of South India and is spoken across Singapore and Malaysia. It was also included as an official language by the Australian government.
A successful globalization plan must have the translation plan in place- otherwise, it can often become an obstacle in its growth.

Keep reading to understand the benefits of English to Tamil translation and why you should hire a professional translator.

5 Benefits of translating your content from English to Tamil.

Effective communication without any misunderstandings-

English can be a second language for many Tamil speakers. Even though they might understand the language well, they might not be proficient at it. This communication gap can often lead to miscommunication. Translation helps your business communicate with your audience in a more effective way, leaving no room for misunderstandings.

Increases your audience and customers base-

Many Tamil speakers might not understand English or won’t be fluent in it. Thus any communication effort you might put in would be falling onto nothing because of the language barrier. But when you translate your content into their native language, it is easier for you to capture their attention. This means that translation will lead to more eyeballs reading and understanding your message. This means that you will, in turn, increase your customer base.

Shows your clients and customers that you care-

When you put in efforts to communicate with your customers and your clients in their native language, it tells them that you care about them. It makes them feel more understood. This will eventually lead to a positive image of the brand in your customer’s mind.

Native language brings in the sense of familiarity-

When you are trying to explore a new customer base for your business, you are often a stranger to them. You have to build trust in order to expand your business. Communicating with your customers in their native language will bring in that sense of familiarity.

Keep reading to understand why you should hire a professional translator instead of relying on tools.

Five reasons why you should hire a professional freelance translator

Error-free translation-

Businesses try to cut costs when it comes to translation. They often rely on translation tools for the same. Translation tools can sure translate the words for you, but it often fails to convey the meaning. Take this for example-

“Let’s hit the road” translates to “சாலையில் அடிப்போம்,” meaning we should be beating the road up.

Technically the translation might not be wrong- but the meaning behind the sentence “let’s hit the road” loses its essence in translation and ends up making no sense for someone reading it. On the other hand, professional translators understand the meaning behind your message and translate the content in the most effective way.

Human translators understand the culture-

When it comes to translation, keeping the cultural contexts in mind is very important. Few cultures have a higher need for showing respect. Casual words in one language can be termed offensive in another. To make sure your translation is error-free and culturally correct, hire a translator who understands the culture.

Professional translators bring with them their expertise-

Different topics require different expertise. Fields like medical, law, fiancé, and other technical fields require subject expertise along with language understanding. This also means a higher accuracy level is needed as any mistake can cause serious legal troubles, sometimes even life threatening situations. The translation that involves safety instructions or any such sensitive information should be done only by experts.

Translators can help you with localization of the content-

In order to go global, you have to go local. Basically, have to adapt to local trends and customs to establish yourself as a brand and build credibility. A good translator can help you with adapting your content that will be relevant to local customs and trends.

They bring with them their experience-

No two people will translate the same person in the same way. There are 100 different ways to put across the same thing. Translators with their years of experience now understand the best way to put your content forward in that particular language. They know the words and sentences that will convey the meaning in the most effective way—creating a maximum impact of your message.


If you want your effort at globalization to be successful, then make sure you hire a capable freelance translator.

Before you select a translator, keep these two things in mind:

  1. Their work experience and the type of projects they have done.

2. Check out their past client’s testimonials.

There are various freelance portals where you can post your requirement. Many of them let you post your job for free. Remember to be as specific as possible when stating your requirement. Once you have posted the requirement, freelancers will send in their quotes and profile. You can pick the one that matches your criteria and your budget.