Benefits of taking up data analytics courses in Toronto

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Canada’s Toronto is an attraction for a large chunk of international students due to the low cost of education and high-paying jobs. Upon completing one-year data analytics courses Toronto, you will definitely land a high pay scale job in Canada. According to Pay Scale, a Data Analyst’s average salary in Canada is CAD 57,615 per year. At the same time, Toronto is home to several leading tech companies that hire Data Analysts in massive numbers to gain insights into potential customers and help them improve business performance.

Now when you have learned the benefits of earning a Data Analytics diploma, we will help you gain an insight into the program.

Diploma in Data Analytics: An Overview

A diploma in Data Analytics is a one-year full-time program that equips students with skills to analyze large data sets. The prime purpose of the program is to help businesses make crucial decisions, improve their performances and generate more profits.

Students learn to analyze big and unstructured data using the latest technology. They will also learn to optimize business performances using traditional methods during the program. With in-depth knowledge of analyzing big data, students will be able to enhancebusiness performances. Apart from analyzing data, students also learn practical applications of data auditing and handling. Students also learn to use data visualization tools such as Tableau and Qlik Sense.

What is the cost of studyingdiploma in Data Analytics in Toronto?

Pursuing a diploma in Data Analytics in top management schools of Toronto costs approximately CAD 12,495. However, the fee for international students is CAD 11,000 after scholarship, while for domestic students, it is CAD 4,276. Notably, students are required to pay some additional charges, excluding tuition.

What are the benefits of pursuing a Data Analytics course in Toronto?

1-Reputed schools

Toronto comprises several reputed management schools that have highly experienced tutors. With world-class infrastructure, management schools in Canada offer an accredited Data Analytics program.

2-Top-quality education

When we talk about education quality, Canada tops the list of favorite international education destinations. Canada’s education system believes in providing top-quality education with a cutting-edge academic curriculum.


Financial aid and scholarship programs are some major attractions for international as well as domestic students in Canada. However, the cost of education is relatively less than other destinations. Still, business schools in Canada allow students to apply for education loans and scholarships to lessen their burden.

4-Guaranteed job

Canada’s Toronto has the best job opportunities for international as well as national students. This big city has several large tech companies that offer high pay scale jobs to students. Additionally, these tech giants also provide growth opportunities to students.

5-Multiracial population

Toronto has a mixed population as people from different parts of the world come here for higher education or jobs. This city presents opportunities for candidates to learn and grow together and contribute to the country’s economy.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the course right away to leap ahead in your career.