How To Choose Best Apps For Mac Optimization

How To Choose Best Apps For Mac Optimization

Not sure why, but people have associated a myth with Mac, that they do not need optimization and they will always remain up and running no matter how you use them. But folks it’s not true. Every electronic device whether it is a Windows PC, Mac or even your smartphone all needs an optimization from time to time. Therefore first of all we would like to make it clear that your Mac may be quick and speedy while it’s new but over the time it will become sluggish. And this is the time when you need to take some effective measures to boost its performance.

For optimizing the performance of your mac you have two ways, first the manual way like cleaning the junk and temporary files, removing the old redundant files, creating space by removing duplicate files, etc and other is an automatic way using a mac cleaner that will automatically optimize your mac with in few clicks.

Now since both the methods(manual or automatic) can be used to optimize the performance, however the only problem with manual approach is that it is tedious and time consuming. Also you need to be a bit tech savvy. However, if you are either a novice user or don’t have that much time then you should look for the best mac cleaner software and use it to get the desired results.

How to Choose a Best Mac Cleaning Software

Now, once you have decided to go for a mac cleaner over the manual methods the next big question that pops up is how to choose the best app to clean your mac. It becomes even more confusing when you search on the Internet for the best mac cleaner and you find lots of options. However you need not be confused as we will share the must have feature that the best mac cleaning software should possess for optimizing the mac effectively. Also later in the article we will share the 3 best apps to clean the Mac, that we have tested on vivid parameters.

One of the basic functionality a mac cleaner should have is cleaning the disc from temporary files and redundant data. However, if the Mac cleaner is one of the best Mac cleaners of its category then it surely has some additional features like duplicate file finder, uninstaller, startup manager and a security module.

Below are some must-have features that a good mac cleaner should have.

  • Once-click cleaning feature to clean the entire redundant system files cache or user/program files.
  • Easy to use even for the novice users that do have a sound tech knowledge.
  • User friendly design and layout to easily switch between various features.
  • Developed by a renowned software company having prior experience of creating optimization tools.
  • Advance Scan Engine to not only scan the mac quickly but also deeply.
  • Easy on System memory and resources.
  • Compatible with previous as well as current operating system.
  • Multilingual and not restricted to English only.
  • Budget Friendly.
  • 24*7 customer support for any product related issues.

Apart from these necessary features a mac optimizer tool should also have modules to uninstall unneeded applications, remove all types of duplicate files, check the disk for large media files, and remove internet traces.

So, as promised earlier we are now sharing the 3 best mac cleaning software to optimize your mac performance.


TuneupMyMac developed by Systweak Software is not only one of the best mac cleaning software but also the best disk cleaner for mac. Irrespective of problems like slow startup, sluggish performance, crashing browsers or the Mac, this amazing utility can fine tune your entire Mac with just a few clicks and within a few minutes.

TuneupMyMac comes with a one click optimization feature that consists of four essential clean up tools to scan and clean your entire Mac with a single click. Its one click optimization feature cleans system and user cache files, cleans user and system log files, removes unneeded parts of applications along with removing all unneeded languages of the applications that even no longer exist on your Mac.

TuneupMyMac is also equipped with a module that helps you to remove all types of duplicate files that occupy your hard drive space unknowingly and more importantly unnecessarily. We ourselves tried TuneupMac and this amazing utility helps in freeing our mac from 5 Gb of duplicate files. TuneupMyMac also has an uninstaller module that makes it really easy to find the unneeded applications installed on your mac and then removing them completely from your device. And, now if you are thinking about a security feature then yes, it has an Internet Privacy module that scans all your installed browsers for any type of privacy traces that can pose an identity threat to your privacy in the future.

Some other prime features of TuneupMyMac are as below:

  • Startup manager to remove unneeded applications from startup.
  • File Shredder to remove your private data securely so that it can’t be restored back through any recovery software.
  • Misc Cleaning to scan your Mac for iTunes device backups, mail downloads and old downloads that are no longer needed.
  • One Click Optimization feature to clean your disc from all the user and app cache and other temporary files.
  • Multilingual product support.

CleanMyMac X

Now moving on to another best mac cleaner app, CleanMyMac X which is used and highly trusted by millions of mac users from every part of the world. CleanMyMac is power packed with so many features that once you have installed it on your Mac, you no longer need any other optimization tool for your mac. This phenomenal tool can be used in any way you want, it can be used as a mac cleaner, a malware remover, a performance monitor and many more. This amazing mac optimizer deeply scans your mac and helps you remove the old cache, logs, language localization and corrupt downloaded files within just a few minutes.

CleanMyMac X looks for all the unnecessary files that mess up the performance of mac by causing slowness and crashes. The app then will clean up system folders, iTunes, Mail, Photos, and even bulky old files to make your mac more responsive and faster than before.

CleanMyMac X also eases the system load by running maintenance scripts, freeing up RAM, managing startup programs,  and much more.

And above all these inciting features it also has a dedicated module that protects your mac from adware, malware, ransomware, and other threats that can infect your mac and cause all sorts of problems to your mac. The developers of this amazing tool also make sure to keep on releasing the latest malware definitions regularly to secure your mac even from the latest prevailing infections and threats.

Some other salient features of CleanMyMac X are as below:

  • Application management module to remove the unneeded applications and update the ones that are needed.
  • User friendly interface so that a novice user can use it with ease.
  • Shredder to shred your sensitive data so that it can’t be recovered by any means.
  • Affordable and budget friendly price.
  • Remove the browsing history, along with online & offline activity traces from your browser.

CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac is another best app to clean the mac and boost its performance. The main USP of this mac cleaner is its simplicity to use and a neat user interface that makes it really easy to navigate from one module to another.

CCleaner acts as one of the best disk cleaners for mac with its unique ability to reduce the mac clutter by removing the trash, temporary files and folders, broken permissions and unneeded programs with a mere click. One noticeable feature that we found in CCleaner is that it not only uninstalls the unwanted applications but also removes the leftover data of these applications.

Also, just like other two mac cleaners, CCleaner also has a module to delete the files securely so that they can’t be recovered back even by the most powerful data recovery software or technique.

Let’s now discuss some of the salient features of CCleaner:

  • Makes the browsing secure by deleting browser search history and cookies.
  • Free Basic version to clean your Mac.
  • Speed up boot times by managing Startup items.
  • Complete control on the way you want to clean your Mac.

Wrapping Up

So readers here we come to the end of the article. We hope now you have a better understanding on how to select the best mac cleaner to optimize the overall performance of your mac.