Best family location tracking app for kids


What is the importance of child safety? 

Parents do not love anything or anyone more than their children. Their protection is of prime importance. Only the kids who get the attention of their parents grow into responsible adults themselves. Every parent wants to be the mentor and protector for their kids but, not everyone has the luxury to sit at home and guide their children through each step of growing up. You will be able to do it now just by using your smartphone. This location tracker is actually for smart parents of today. The app offers you control over your child’s actions in or outside the house.

Their protection and safety become your top priority, especially when you are a working parent. 

You have to be away for hours on end, and there is no one besides your child to keep them in check. You cannot always tag along everywhere with your kids. Therefore, you need a kid tracker app on your phone, which is with you almost all the time. A good parent can neither compromise their other responsibilities nor the safety of their child. Therefore, the FamiSafe parental control app is the perfect app to save you the hassle of worrying about your child in your absence.

What are some location tracking features of the FamiSafe app? 

FamiSafe is a complete family app, as the name suggests, it is an app that’ll keep your family, more precisely, safeguard your children.

FamiSafe parental tracker offers features like screen time control, control over explicit content, and parental alerts. It is also your go-to app for blocking any unnecessary online activity. If you use FamiSafe you have an activity tracker and a content blocker in the same place. It can even follow the added guidelines on online activity and alert the parents in case of anything suspicious other than the content children have been allowed to consume.

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The app has a built-in location tracker where you can not only track the location of your child but can also ask them to share their live location through the real-time location tracking app feature with you wherever they may be. The app is user-friendly and if you still have any issues the website offers a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use it. Simply click on this link and it will take you to the FamiSafe webpage where you will get all the necessary information you need.

FamiSafe is a premium location tracker that can help you get through the day with relief and help you stay stress-free. It has all the premium features you need to monitor your child and to keep your family safe. It has the support of multiple mobile platforms including IOS and Amazon. You can also use it on your computer.

It can monitor more than 30 mobile devices from a single controller’s account. It has all the features you expect to have in a mobile tracker. In terms of tracking services, it does not disappoint you at all. So if you’re a parent who is stressing over the time and energy their child is spending on their mobile phone, worry no more, because the FamiSafe parental Control app has you covered. 

Easy and refundable subscription for FamiSafe app

This app offers a variety of price points considering everyone’s different needs. You can download the app and check the package that is exclusive for you. It is very convenient to use and you can subscribe to the app services for less than 10$ a month. The other available options you can choose from are:

Monthly payment 9.99$

3 months subscription comes at 6.99$ per month only (one-time payment)

12 months/ yearly subscription for 4.99$ per month only (one-time payment)

The longest yearly subscription cost is very negligible considering the services you will have an access to once you subscribe to the app or you can simply take a trial for 10$ for the first month as per your convenience.

Check out the links to get the app now. 

Download from Google Playstore 

Download FamiSafe For IOS from here 

Download FamiSafe from the Amazon store

How to install the FamiSafe app? 

You can simply start by downloading the app by clicking any of the links given above and install it once it is done downloading. You will need to make sure that you have the app on all the devices you are going to track from your device. It can handle almost 30 devices at the same time.


FamiSafe is a dependable friend in your pocket. It will not only track but also allows you to check-in with your family whenever you want. This dependability makes it the best tracking app for you and your family. So at the end of this review, I will strongly recommend this app.