A Bridge amongst The East & West

Oberbaumbrücke, ehemaliger Grenzübergang zwischen Ost- und Westberlin, zwischen Kreuzberg und Friedrichshain, Berlin, Deutschland, Europa

Storm the Block, a new comics and pop culture festival located in Abu Dhabi, is bridging the gap amongst East and the West. The event, which is scheduled to be held from December 8 to 2023, will showcase fans and creators from all over the world, with an impressive contingent of the UAE.

This is significant as this industry of comics has always been dominating by United States. However, in recent times there has been an increasing trend of publishers and creators all over the world who are retelling their own stories, and presenting their own viewpoints.

Storm the Block is a platform that allows these authors and creators to connect with the world’s population. The event will include diverse events and panels that highlight the diverse comics’ talents.

One of the main attractions of the festival is that Sandstorm Comics will be opening the possibility of comic book entries and to be published in the upcoming issue of their comic books made with local authors and famous international artists. The submissions will be developed into an ongoing comic book series that is published through Sandstorm Comics.

The other highlight of the festival is The Sandstorm Comics mentorship opportunities. The program gives local creators the chance to connect with professionals who have experience in the world of comics. It is designed in order to assist local creators improve their skills and expertise as well as help them prepare for a successful career in the comics industry.

Storm the Block is more than a mere comics event. It’s also a cultural exchange. The event brings people from various backgrounds and cultures to share their fascination with comics.

Storm the Block is a bridge that connects the East and the West. It’s a chance for fans and creators from across the globe to gather and discuss their experiences.

Here are a few ways that Storm the Block is bridging the gap amongst East as well as the West of comics industry.

The festival features a wide variety of publishers and creators across the globe. This is significant as it allows us to eliminate any stigmas associated with comic book production.

The festival provides the opportunity for creatives who hail from Abu Dhabi and more to be heard by a wider audience. This is crucial since it allows the voices of artists from the region and present their distinctive views.

The festival is encouraging collaboration amongst creators and artists from different regions. This is crucial as it allows for the creation of bridges amongst cultures, and also to develop novel and exciting comics.

The purpose of the event is to inform people about the wide range of comics that are available from all over the globe. This is crucial as it allows for the expansion of the fan’s horizons and introduce them to creators and comics that they may not be aware of.

Storm the Block is a major occasion for the comics industry. It’s a bridge amongst  the East and West, and an opportunity for creators and fans from across the globe to gather at Abu Dhabi and celebrate their common love for comics.