Why Should You Choose React Native For Mobile App Development in 2022?

why use react native for mobile app development

No denying that mobile users are increasing with each passing day, and it’s high time for businesses to utilize the mobile market. However, businesses are already leveraging the potential with this in mind, and the app store and play store are already flooded with mobile apps. To gain a competitive edge, you need to show them something unique, impressive, and integrated well with their mobile devices. 

One answer to this problem is React Native. It helps make mobile apps efficient and scalable. React Native is an open-source framework launched by Facebook and is used to develop mobile apps. When you create a React Native app, you get several benefits in cost, and it enables developers to build a hybrid mobile app lucidly. 

One of the major goals behind using this technology is to cover a huge audience base with the help of a single code. Let us know more about React Native and why it is one of the ultimate solutions for mobile app development. 

What is React Native and Who Is Using It?

React Native is a framework built with the paradigm of declarative programming. It enables mobile app developers to create scalable and smooth mobile apps. Most organizations and several startups are choosing React Native as it offers flexibility in the app development procedure. 

It enables developers to write a single code for two different operating systems. Several high-end apps are built using React Native, including Facebook, Wix, Myntra, Instagram, Adobe, etc. 

We will now discuss the advantages offered by React Native. Because of the advantages, people choose React Native to build mobile applications. 

Benefits of React Native

After knowing the benefits of using React Native for your mobile app, you will know why you should hire a React Native Development Company. 

  • Supports Cross-Platform

After you talk with a mobile app developer, you will know that it is very hectic and time-consuming to maintain mobile apps on several different platforms. That said, apps developed for different operating systems are written in distinct codes and require separate maintenance. React Native provides the benefits of building an app on a single platform, and it further provides a consistent user experience. 

You are required to hire an experienced and skilled Javascript developer who has working knowledge with hybrid app development, native UI libraries, and APIs. 

  • Live & Hot Reloading = Quick Changes

It is one of the primary reasons why most people choose React Native for mobile app development. The live reloading functionalities of this platform provide advantages to the developers when they make necessary changes to their mobile apps. The framework enables developers to update codes in real-time, and the feature gets implemented when the app is still loading. 

The hot reloading feature allows the app to reload some specific areas wherein the changes were made in the app. To ensure it is done live, short and hot reloading makes the entire process of app development and testing easy. 

  • Community Support

If you are in a dilemma, whether or not to choose React Native to get your mobile app developed, you should go through the benefits offered by the framework. It enables the users to examine any documentation they require for free. It also provides them the advantages of contributing to the community. 

Additionally, the framework is also known as a community-driven framework. That said, if ever the developers face any difficulty in the development procedure, they can straightaway reach out to the community of developers to seek support. The developers can also reach out to other developers in the community for help. 

  • Optimal Performance & Simplified UI

A platform is proven to be effective by its ability to enhance the performance of apps through modules and native controls. This is where React Native wins the race of being the best solution. Enhancement and amplification in performance are the direct results of leveraging React-Native to build your online platform. 

On the contrary, several other aspects that make people choose React Native for the development procedure are its user-friendly and appealing designs. The applications built using React Native have a seamless and responsive UI/UX. 

  • Increased Stability & Reliability

One of the key benefits of using React Native is the simplifying of data binding so that the modifications done to the parent component don’t affect the child component in any way. In simple words, the framework makes the binding process of an application flexible, simpler and ultimately enhances the flexibility of an app. 

  • Cost-Effective

Money is a critical and one of the prime factors of consideration, whether you are planning for a startup or looking forward to digitizing your business. Hence, it is always advised to choose a business model that is cost-effective and profitable as well. This particular goal can be easily achieved with the help of React Native, as it helps save a lot of time and money. 

As mentioned earlier, React Native enables code reusability, and hence it helps save time and money. 

  • Modular Architecture

React Native has this model that enables the developers to divide functional programs into several interchangeable blocks known as modules. This makes it easy to create React Native apps, and this technique makes the development process more flexible and efficient. At the same time, it enhances communication between blocks for the updates made. The modules can also be reused to update the app and web APIs. 


By now, you must have gained a better understanding of whether or not React Native is the perfect choice for your mobile app. That said, if you want to get a mobile app developed for your business, we recommend getting in touch with a React Native app development company. They will help you achieve your business goals more effectively and efficiently. Tap into the mobile market and obtain major benefits. Professional developers will help you look for the best possible solutions.