Tips To Make Your College Dorm Parties Interesting

dorm parties

As a student, one goes through a monochromic life at college. Dorm Parties are an easy way to spice up things and add more fun to your weekend. I mean what is College life without attending Dorm Parties? It also serves as a great spot to light up your daily activities, clear your mind and make new friends. However, planning and organizing an interesting college dorm party can be a little challenging (if you’re a newbie). But, don’t you worry as we’re here for your rescue. The few tips you should consider before organizing one are given below.

Get Your location Verified:

The first thing to plan a successful dorm party is by choosing your location. Usually, people throw dorm parties at their dorm or room which requires taking permission from the resistant assistant(RA) to avoid any adversities during the party. The RA’s are chill about it till you keep the music volume under control. Secondly, you should also let your neighbors know the starting and ending times of the party. You can also invite them to be on the safe side if you know what I mean. The last thing to get your location verified is by keeping all your valuables and important documents locked and safe. After all, you can’t trust crazy students in a college dorm party.

Choose A Theme:

Though people wear what they want at a dorm party it’s an interesting idea to choose a cool theme for your party. It will help you stand out from usual dorm parties. Choosing a theme also helps in the decoration process. You can transform your dorm with cute party decoratives according to your theme. If you’re having a tough time choosing a theme, here are a few ideas you can steal:

  • Colour theme party- such as choosing a specific colour for your party.
  • Pajama Party- What’s better than comfort right?
  • Masquerade Party- Spice things up with masks.
  • Hip-Hop or Jazz Nights- music parties never get old.
  • Decade-themed party – Dressing up as 80’s or ’90s.
  • The iconic character party- Dress up as your favourite fictional character.

Send Invitations:

Next up comes sending invitations. Don’t just invite the whole class as they may spread the word to other students and you might end up encountering strangers. Of course, you can go for that if you want to organize a large party. For small parties, invite your close friends and neighbors only. A larger party can get a bit challenging to control and you may get into trouble inviting a large group of people who loves listening to music at a high volume. You can send invitations by e-mail or can invite them by a small card. You can also go for a direct and oral invitation. Haven’t you read the reaction to the new video ‘what dinosaurs have 500 teeth‘ yet, click here.

Choose Your Eateries And Drinks:

What is a party without food and drinks? It doesn’t have to be fancy foods, a little snack, and some non-alcoholic drinks can be enough. However, you can also ask your guest to bring a packet of eatery or juice cans as an entrance fee. Some food items you can keep are Chips, Salsas, Donuts, Hot-Dogs, Pizza, Burgers, French Fries, or Macaronis. You can also offer some non-alcoholic drinks like Lemonades, Mojitos, Soft drinks, and Juices.

Make Cool Playlists And Add Some Fun Activities:

Making a cool party playlist from ytmp3 depending upon your theme that keeps the crowd going is the key to hosting a successful dorm party. Adding fun activities and games can be a great way to spice up things and get everyone comfortable. The iconic Never Have I Ever Game, Cards, Spin the Bottle, Beer Pong are some cool games you can add to your party. These are some tips you can count on while attempting to make your college dorm party interesting. Hope you find this article useful.