Common Inventory Management Challenges To Watch Out

Common Inventory Management Challenges

Ecommerce business is taking place in a boundary-free marketplace and at a fast pace. Online businesses provide products to customers and keep up with the demands and avail new opportunities. However, amid these opportunities and positive results, ecommerce businesses often confront various challenges. One of the challenges is keeping up with inventory or inventory management across different channels. This article will explain different inventory management challenges that business owners should watch out for. Keep scrolling if you are interested!

Inventory management challenges for ecommerce:

There are various inventory management challenges that ecommerce business owners encounter. Knowing these challenges and coming up with solutions on time requires great motor and managerial skills. One best way to get on top of these challenges and control them is to join hands with ecommerce companies. Following are a few common challenges you need to watch out for.

1. Overselling/overstocking:

Of all the inventory management challenges, overselling and overstocking are the most recurring. These are two separate concepts with opposite actions. We will break down both topics for further illustration.

i) Overselling:

The problem of overselling occurs when you sell one last item to more than one customer. When your stock administration and stocktaking measures can’t stay aware of the speed of purchases, overselling may occur. Clients can get disappointed if you disclose that a certain item is unavailable after they have added it to the cart and bought it. You may lose this deal, and you may likewise lose this client.

If they become baffled, they may impart this negative news to others they know. Purchasers who have awful encounters like this and rate their collaboration with the organization as poor are 60% bound to diminish their spending. You will end up facing a bad customer experience which can adversely affect your business.

ii) Overstocking:

Another issue is overstocking when you have too much deadstock and can’t find ways to sell it. It can be expensive since you will have a bulk of stock and no demand. There could be various reasons for overstocking. One is ordering too much deadstock with no demand. Another is when the buying behaviours and buying trends change, the customer will repel to buy a specific item. 


Overcoming these challenges is not that tough. You can either use warehouse inventory or opt for inventory management software. Online stock management frameworks give many capacities to assist you with abstaining from overstocking or overselling. You can get updates for when things fall under a specific limit; you can naturally renew certain things when they come up short and significantly more.

2. Wrong locations:

Supply chain management and product delivery on time play an important role in ecommerce business viability. If your customers are not receiving their item on time, they will look somewhere else. Would you allow your customers to fall into your competitors; hands? Certainly not! Delivering products to the wrong locations or a delivery taking too long can cause damage to the business image.

Ecommerce owners will miss out on potential opportunities if they don’t place conveyance centres in essential areas abroad. If you don’t house stock in numerous areas, you can encounter slack times. In addition, if you don’t stay up with the latest in every area, the advantages of having numerous distribution channels will diminish.

3. Lack of insights:

Another challenge ecommerce owners are facing these days is lacking useful data insights. Businesses these days can’t grow without data inputs, and hence you should be obsessed with data to make informed business decisions. As a rule, you should have the option to access and follow up on stock information within a day or even a couple of hours.

To help profits, support development, and oblige the necessities of your clients, you need to comprehend a few things. How is your stock fluctuating over the long run? How is the request changing over the long run and gauging what it will resemble later on when to reorder items? When do downsize on items, and were breakdowns in your cycles occurring? All these insights are necessary to make informed business decisions.

Ecommerce businesses often lack these insights and hence encounter issues. It is best to join hands with ecommerce development solutions Dubai companies and allow them to provide these useful insights to you.

4. Manual management:

Are you still tracking your sales with a pen and paper? Now is the time you should upgrade! Manually fulfilling orders and tracking sales is suitable for ecommerce businesses but only in the early stages. But as scalability comes in and your business expands, it becomes much more difficult.

Manual management exposes you to numerous mistakes, adversely affecting your business operations. Business owners should upgrade to the latest technology and opt for modern-day inventory management software to keep track of sales and inventory.

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