Develop an Excellent Reading App This “Work From Home” Season!

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Businesses often search for a strong, smooth, and reliable sales channel to accelerate their growth. Irrespective of how established or developing a business is, it still would require to reach more users in order to grow. This is applicable to every business- even if it is a startup or a considerable publisher, every business will involve more digital readers, and offline retailers would consider going online. 

Nowadays, many book retailers and publishers decide to go online by taking up services from a mobile app development company to build their e-reading portal. 

When most people are working from their homes and are on their screens 10 hours a day, it has become necessary for all the offline booksellers or other companies dealing with information transfer to come online and cater to the increasing digital needs of users. 

An e-reading app has now become a must!

Now that we have established that it is essential to develop your own mobile-friendly e-reading applications let’s understand what exactly is an e-reading app and the necessary features to be integrated into the app you create.

What is an e-reading mobile app?

The name explains it to the most extent; an e-reading application is a mobile-friendly service that allows the users to access a piece of information via their mobile devices. These apps make the information transferring process more accessible, convenient, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

Why is it a good idea to develop an e-reading app?

The digital era we live in has made each user use a smart device such as android mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, or tabs. These devices offer a welcoming space for best-selling e-reading portals. Since people have become more accustomed to technology, they look for various ways to access information via their mobile devices conveniently. Therefore choosing to hire a reputable mobile apps development company to create an ideal e-reading app for your brand would be the wisest idea ever! 

But why are we insisting on this so much? Well, the idea is to get you all the benefits you can acquire. 

Check out the complete set of benefits:

  • Higher Sales:

A mobile application serves as an extra income source for all the booksellers and other businesses dealing with offline information transfer. It eases out the checkout process for every sale made online and offline. 

  •  Incredible Feasibility:

Isn’t carrying around heavy books just one hell of a task? Can you expect your users to take your source of information (in paper form) along with them all the time? Although, It would be cool for them to carry around the information you want to deliver to them everywhere. And it is only possible with an accessible e-reading app.

Yes, there are many devices dedicated just for e-reading, like kindle, but users encounter many flaws while using it, especially since it is single-purposed. At the same time, a smartphone can cater to the users better. And of course, they are a total budget saver. So why wait?

  • An Array of Options:

Mobile applications can provide users with a variety of options with a rich library. The app owner can also customize the suggestions after analyzing the reading genres of users. There can be many books (paid or unpaid) to suit different tastes. Hence, the process of finding a suitable piece is eased out and is highly assisted. 

  • An extra value of users:

Your clients can directly connect with you when you develop a mobile application; hence any query your users come up with can be solved with a more personal approach. Every purchase your users make would be via a seamless process. 

This way, the user would feel more connected to your brand. 

  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty:

The user will stick to your brand if you opt for a mobile app development company’s services and develop a mobile app. The digital process of buying a book or any piece of information is not like physically purchasing a book, where the user hops from one store to another to search for the right book.

 If you can enhance your app’s UI while maintaining your products and services’ quality and establish a personal connection with your users, they will stick around. 

  • Customizability:

If a user buys a paper book, every element of the piece will remain the same forever. However, this is not the case when they access their books via a mobile application. A mobile app allows the user to change the background, font, colors, and many more elements of their book. In short, an app allows the user to customize the book as per their liking. Therefore, they get hooked to your app. 

You can also customize the suggestion according to your user’s liking. Once you have analyzed their reading behavior and pattern, culminating a strategy to customize the proposals would not be a challenging task. If you are able to bring up more books to their liking, they will automatically prefer using your app. 

What features should your e-reading app have?

Any mobile app that is developed must possess three traits- a robust UI/UX design, user-friendliness, and compatible for users of all age groups. You don’t have to redesign or rewrite an application again and again. Otherwise, it may become difficult to form a connection with users. 

Now that it is established, it would be better to understand what features are necessary for your mobile app.

  • Must support multiple ebook formats such as PDF, ODF, TXT, LIT, MOBI, AZW, and EPUB.
  • Integrate an in-app book store with a robust library. 
  • App personalization with color themes and background. 
  • The feature to modify text format for better readability and adaptability to different screen sizes. 
  • Cloud integration for books so that users can save as many books as they wish. 
  • Integration with social media so users can register quickly and share quotes and guidance they like with their acquaintances. 
  • Customer care facility so that users’ queries and problems are instantly solved.

You must integrate these features into your e-reading app at all costs. Many other features can also be added, depending on what else you want from your app. You can always consult a mobile apps development company for a more personalized list of features as per your company’s goals. 


An e-reading app can be a significant boost for your business growth. Many companies have adopted this approach and are enjoying their time online. Their users love them; they are continuously expanding their user-base. They have come up with customized strategies to sell their business. Their brand is being appreciated- all because of an app!

The goal is not far-sighted; you too, can tick mark everything you desire for your business by developing a remarkable mobile application for e-reading. 

You are now aware of the benefits and the features you must integrate for a successful project, so why wait? 
Get connected to a reputable mobile app development company and start with your e-reading app development now.