Did You Know You Can Play Carrom Online

Did You Know You Can Play Carrom Online

How many of us remember asking for a carom board while growing up? After basic board games like snakes and ladders or ludo, carom is the first game that we learn to play as youngsters. The smell of a new carom board, the excitement while accumulating the people together in the house, the playful cheer after powdering the board, the thrill of the first strike, the anticipation of the coins going into the pockets in either of the four corners, and finally the victorious cry after pinning the queen and its cover – the memories come rushing back!

Online gaming – the new necessity – What if you came to know that you could now play carrom online? That would be marvelous, wouldn’t it? It would be the same rush and feelings within your own homes, at any point in time without the hassle of trying to coordinate with everyone to be free and come over. The game can now be played against real opponents via the internet. Some initial steps to be followed before you can start playing the game would be:

  • Downloading the app on your mobile phone
  • Registering with your phone number thus creating a profile
  • Selecting the desired game – in this case, carrom
  • Enter the cash value to play or practice for free

Instructions and important things to know – Before playing any game, it is vital to understand the rules. To know how to play carrom online, you can simply read the guidelines given by the website or on the app. Some simple tips and instructions to follow are:

  • Ensure to make your strike within 25 seconds of your turn
  • Position the striker carefully on the bar, pull down the power button to adjust the intensity of the strike, and shoot.
  • Pocketing a coin will earn you the allotted points.
  • Sticker going into the corner pocket will require you to give up the last coin you potted.
  • Once you get enough practice, you can also indulge in backshots and blocking the opponents by using coins.
  • Win the game by pocketing all the coins of your chosen color. However, the game cannot be over until the queen is pocketed and ‘covered’
  • You will not be able to play for the queen unless you have already scored one piece of the coin of the chosen color.
  • Make sure to not place the striker outside the demarcated lines as that will result in a foul and forfeiting the turn.

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Actively involve yourself in playing one of the most relaxing multi-player games online. 2 – 4 players can play this game at one time. You can also enter tournaments with cash once you feel like you have reached a level where you want to go pro. Carrom is known to be one of the most beloved games in the country. People of all ages can enjoy this game and can also make it a competitive sport amongst themselves. With the increasing popularity of virtual gaming, try your hand at carrom online too. Who knows, maybe your skills can be translated well and you might be able to win some amazing prizes too! Get started soon.