Different Go green ideas for offices that you must know!

go-green ideas for companies

Due to the changes in government legislation and fast-evolving public opinion sustainability becoming an important factor in your company’s commercial viability. It benefits your business and enhances your brand image. There are various go-green ideas for companies that can create a healthier work environment for employees. Thus, in this post, we are giving you a list of different go green ideas for offices that you must know.

  1. Upgrade the décor of your office with real plants

You can replace the plastic or artificial plant in your office with real plants. These real plants can be placed in the office and other indoor working spaces. The carbon is stored in real plants and putting them inside filters the air in an efficient manner. Furthermore, the plants also create a more peaceful and pleasant environment for everybody.

  • Use recycled printing paper

It’s good to use digital technology for reducing the use of paper. But, even though if there is a need for printing then putting recycled paper in your printers is one of the popular go green ideas for office. Besides, there are various companies that manufacture this paper and there are tons of choices to fit every necessity in offices as well as budget.

  • Lighting

When lights are not in the use in offices then they should be turned off. It’s also good to replace standard incandescent bulbs with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) or LED bulbs everywhere. Moreover, as compared to the standard incandescent light bulbs, CFLs and LEDs use about 75% less energy although conveying the same light output.

  • Compostable options to replace plastic

If in an office, for safety purposes you have to go for plastic bin bags, then it’s good to opt for the compostable option. And if you have food waste then use some recycled paper bags and tell your employees to take it home to use in the garden compost. In addition to this, for the coffee or tea it’s good to invest in a reusable cup.

  • Declutter

Decluttering is another beneficial and eco-friendly measure as when you clear out space in an office, then you are less expected to fill it again with more scrap. Having a clear space in the workplace improves efficiency. So it’s a good idea to clear out or recycle the electronic waste you’ve been hoarding or broken Christmas or any other festival decoration.

  • Organize green challenges

When you organize green challenges in your office then employees are more likely to take part in it seriously. It’s a good way for going green by merging competition and participation of the employees. Besides, in return, you can reward those employees who worked best in completing the challenge efficiently.

# Final Words

In addition to following all the go green ideas for companies mentioned above in the post, it’s also very important to create awareness amongst the employees. So, employees should be informed regarding the benefits of going green, reducing plastic waste, using alternative energy initiatives, and others. Hence, hopefully, this article will help you in getting innovative ideas that you can implement in an office for going green.