Don’t Do These 9 Things If You Want Healthy Breasts

Healthy breasts

This part of the female body also requires special care. As it turned out, visits to a doctor and an independent examination are not always enough. About 70% of women admitted that their chest hurts periodically, and sometimes irritation and itching appear on it. 

Such a sensitive area of ​​our body requires our increased attention, as well as proper care. So if you want healthy and beautiful breasts, then stop doing the things we mention in this article. Healthy breasts are very important. They are the source of diet for the child. If they are not in good condition, you will not be able to feed your baby.

Things To Avoid For Healthy Breasts 

1- Removing Hair

We all strive to look perfect. And the long and dark hairs around the nipples do not exactly fit into this image. It’s okay to get rid of them, but don’t do it yourself. Pulling or depilating the hair in this area can cause irritation as well as ingrown hairs that can become inflamed. Better see a dermatologist. The doctor has special knowledge in this area and will help you safely remove the hated hair. Then you can enjoy beautiful, hairless breasts.

2- Running With Or Without A Sports Bra

More than 50% of women experience chest pain during exercise. Besides, this part of the body is very mobile during cardio. Did you know that when running or jumping, the chest can rise as much as 21 centimeters? This is why choosing the right training bra is essential. If you don’t choose the right bra, your chest will hurt.

Here Are Some Tips:

  • Every sport needs its own bra. There are low, medium, and even shock-resistant bras available. If you are not sure which one to buy, then consult the seller.
  • The fabric on the cups should be tight and smooth. If you see wrinkles on it, then the cup is too big.
  • Remember that after 30-40 washes, a sports bra loses its properties. This is a sign that you need to go shopping and buy a new bra.

3- Do Not Use Deodorant

Hot days or intense workouts will make you sweat a lot. And it’s not very good for the chest. The sensitive skin in this area reacts immediately to temperature changes and becomes irritated. This can be avoided by following simple tips.

  • Don’t buy synthetic bras
  • It is better to invest in bras with a moisturizing effect (it turns out that there are available in the market).
  • Use an aluminum-free deodorant and try special lotions to prevent chest sweating.
  • Use deodorant that is alcohol-free. Alcohol when get absorbed into the skin can cause irritation. Though it might seem safe but such alcoholic products are risky and can cause damage.
  • For the extreme version of the bra cup, you can lightly dust it with baby powder. It will also absorb excess moisture.

4- Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

A bra should not make you want to take it off as soon as possible. If you feel pain or discomfort while wearing it, then think again if you picked it up correctly.

How To Find The Perfect Bra

Here are some tips that will help you find a perfect bra for yourself.

  • The nipples in it should be located somewhere in the middle between the shoulder and elbow joints.
  • The belts should not be too tight or leave marks on the shoulders.
  • Make sure the fabric of the cups is smooth and that the edges fit snugly against your chest.
  • When taking measurements, measure both the strap size and the cup size.
  • It is better to try on several bras to find your exact one.

5- Getting Pierced

Of course, everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their body, but piercings are very dangerous for the health of your breasts. First, some women may be allergic to metal. Secondly, piercing you run the risk of harming milk production and earning problems in the future when breastfeeding your baby.

In addition, with such a decoration, the sensitivity to pain increases, as well as the risk of developing an abscess. Therefore, if you are planning to get your nipples pierced, drop off this idea.

6- Using Tape To Fix The Breast

When you want to put on an open dress, and the bra doesn’t fit in any way, then scotch tape or duct tape seems like the perfect solution. Even the stars often resort to it. But this is not the best solution for your breast health. A tape can cause allergies, a rash around the nipples, itching, and even inflammation. Moreover, they are not strong support and there are always chances that the dress might fall off.

7- Forgetting To Moisturize Your Breasts

We do not forget about a cream for the face, hands, or feet, but we periodically ignore such sensitive areas as the chest. And it also deserves daily care. The skin on this part of the body is very thin and loses firmness quickly. If you want a young and beautiful breast – pamper it with lotions and creams. After daily care, you will notice changes in the skin of your breast.

8- Compress Or Tighten The Chest

This procedure can lead to bruising and swelling. And those, in turn, will only exacerbate the sensitivity of the breast. If, for some reason, you still need to disguise this part of the body, then be extremely careful about it. Do not pull too tight. 

9- Not Letting Your Chest Relax

By wearing a tight bra the whole day, you can damage the health of the breast. Therefore, it is important to loosen them up at night and let them relax. This will help to improve blood circulation and healthy breasts.


We take care of all parts of the body and normally ignore the health of the chest. It is equally important to take care of your breasts too. Otherwise, there might be serious chest problems. By avoiding the above habits you can ensure the good health of your breast.