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Few years back I used to purchase a book, read it and then look out for someone to exchange it for another one. I kept doing this until one day I got to know about the online platforms where I can get the complete book to read and that too without even spending a penny. So, as my interest was in reading fantasy books, now I easily got thousands of free fantasy books online. If you too are a book lover then continue this article till the end to discover top platforms to get best fantasy books.

Top Platform For Popular Fantasy Books

Internet Archive

This is one of the top platforms that all book lovers look at when they are in quest of their next read. This non-profit organization not only offers millions of free ebooks along with movies, software, music, websites, and more to its users. To be precise, the Internet Archive offers more than 28 million fully accessible text files, 6.4 million video files, 15 million audio files, 3.6 million images and much more. And what more once you register an account on the Internet Archive, you can start borrowing contemporary ebooks from a vast collection available out there for free. If you look at the user interface then also you find it reader friendly, as to search for a book you have a search box at the main page of the website, top right corner to be specific. And if you find any difficulty in searching the books like that then you have an option of Advanced Search. Now once you have searched for your favourite book, open it and use the left/right arrows at the bottom of the book to turn the pages.

Top Features of Internet Archive:

  • One of the biggest digital libraries to read best fantasy books.
  • Text to speech function that read the book for you
  • Intuitive design that makes searching and reading easier.

Open Library

If the Internet Archive is one of the best platforms to read books online then Open Library(a project of the Internet Archive) is not far behind. With the objective of one web page for every book ever published this online library is strongly going on its way to achieve its objective. Talking about the interface Open Library has a simpler user interface where finding a book of your choice is easier as compared to Internet Archive. Open Library contains millions of free books of almost all the genres including best fantasy books in its category. And if a user wants to save the book for reading it at a later time he can easily download it in various available formats like PDF, MOBI, DJYU.

Top Features of Open Library:

  • Neat and easy design that makes reading of books a charm.
  • Availability of various popular formats for downloading a book.
  • Text to speech feature to continue the read, while not looking actively on the screen.


How many of you just don’t start the book because you first wish to know the plot of it. If you are one among them then our next platform ReadInShort is a one stop solution for you. As its name implies it is an honest effort of the platform to provide the complete gist of a book to its readers within a few paragraphs. And if a user loves the plot of the book then he can continue with the read by getting it on any online digital library.

Top Features of ReadInShort:

  • Complete summary of different books from almost every genre.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Completely free to use.


If you are looking for a free ebook then ManyBooks is one such platform that promises to deliver it for 100% free. However, you will get some ads on the website, however they are not intrusive and normally displayed at the button of the screen. Talking about the collection the website although does not contain millions of books but still it has more than 50 thousand books that too are available for free. Romance, fantasy, mystery & thriller, biography, etc are some of the genres for which you can easily get a free book on ManyBooks.

Top Features of ManyBooks:

  • More than 50k books for completely free.
  • Nice and clean reading interface.
  • Search bar to search for the book based on author, title or even keywords.

International Children Digital Library

With its ultimate goal to create a vast collection of books that represent outstanding historical and contemporary books from all over the world, ICDL is another platform that makes it to our list of top platforms. The main motto of International Children Digital Library is to make the best in children’s literature available online that too free of cost, that will in turn create a respect for different culture, ideas and language among the children. So if your kid has a crave of reading fantasy(which is quite a common genre when it comes to kids ) books then this platform will not disappoint you.

Top Features of ICDL:

  • Thousand of ebooks from across the globe.
  • Biggest Library to create a habit of reading among children.

So,readers, there were some of the top platforms where you can easily get top fantasy books to read online. And if you are looking for a fantasy book specifically for your kids then ICDL tops the chart.