Dürr Final Assembly: Chassis Integration and Its Components

DürrFinal Assembly

The core of the final assembly is the unit assembly. Dürr Final Assembly Systems in India provide bolting technology, high-performance modular systems, and efficient fittings for the intricate fitting of chassis units and drive into the car body.

  • Unit assembly x-marriage

Important supplier for the unit assembly

In the critical area of vehicle production, the chassis components like gear unit, motor, axles, battery, and the drive are attached with the corresponding car body and are bolted to the accurate torque.

Unit assembly – Modular, flexible, efficient

For the end-of-line specialists at Durr Final Assembly Systems, flexibility means operating assembly lines, expanding them quickly, and repositioning them from one to another plant if needed. This is done by allotting the machines essential for the marriage to individual modules completely.

  • Flex decking – Modular unit assembly

Dürr’spliable solution for assembly units (body marriage) is Flex decking.

The final assembly line is modular and independent and is equipped with the conveyor technology and handling systems necessary for the particular working procedure.

In Flex decking, highly automated systems are integrated with manual, servo-assisted workstations to ensure the greatest level of operator ergonomics. To provide maximum flexibility in minuscule spaces for saving energy, the three Flex decking levels are created.

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Light Deck

The ideal solution for marriage operations for low to medium production rates is Light Deck. Light Deck is adaptable to new production needs as it can be decreased, relocated and executed after installation. Moreover, if the production necessities change over time, the transit stations can be simply turned into working stations.

Light Deck is suitable with any type of conveyor (either TTS® or traditional conveyors)and doesn’t need construction work or special foundations in case of line alterations. In addition, it is acceptable for plants with lowered heights as it is built on one level.

The new AGV system for general assembly helps Light Deck reach its full potential. What’s more, when these solutions are amalgamated, customers can enhance line feeding processes due to the closeness of the ProFleet loop to the subassembly lines.

  • Automatic battery loading station

The new automatic battery loading station is the automation created for mixed production lines, whether EV powertrain or traditional. Along the assembly line, the automatic battery loading station is placed.

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First, a robot in the station grips the electric motor’s battery from a buffer line next to the mainline and puts it on the central part of the pallet, between the car’s front and rear mechanical parts. Then, before the marriage station, the station is positioned.

The automatic battery loading station is one of the most significant inventions developed by CPM for the new EV production, which can be fused in the Flex Decking or in any assembly line.

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  • Subassembly line

For the mainline feeding, the subassembly lines are held accountable in a final assembly shop. They are kept next to the mainline and transport the pallets on which the car’s mechanical parts are prepared and assembled with the car body when they arrive at the marriage station.

For corner preparation, front and rear mechanical parts, front and rear axles, dress-up, front and rear suspension, powertrain engine, the battery, and the gearbox preparation, the Dürr subsidiary CPM makes mechanical subassembly lines.

A pick-up station is always combined into the subassembly lines and keeps the pallets loaded with the mechanical parts on the mainline and takes away the empty ones.

Integrated into a concept with Flex decking or any assembly line, the subassembly lines can be part of a final assembly turnkey project.