Your Complete Guide to Importing Japanese Used Vehicles to Tanzania


Japan may be a well-known country for a variety of reasons; selling export-quality second-hand vehicles is always on the top. For years now, Japan has been exporting vehicles to major countries across the globe, and Tanzania is one of them. 

But to effectively import Japanese cars to Tanzania, there are certain procedures to be followed. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to adhere to. Also, you must gain certain information in order to ensure a seamless process. 

This blog will guide you through the necessary steps and information required to ensure a smooth import process. So, relax and discover how to bring your dream vehicle from Japan to your homeland.

The Inspection

Before you decide to Import Japanese Cars to Tanzania, there’s a must-do step: the JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) Inspection. Every new or used Japanese car headed to Tanzania has to pass this inspection to prove it’s road-worthy. Plus, it’s not just a check-up; it comes with a JAAI certificate.

JAAI, a non-profit group under the watchful eye of Japan’s government, handles this. If you import a car to Tanzania without this JAAI certificate, brace yourself for hefty penalties. So, make sure your car gets the JAAI green light to avoid any trouble.

The documentation 

When bringing a used car from Japan to Tanzania, you need to present a set of important documents:

1. Bill of Lading: This shows your car’s journey and arrival details.

2. Export Certificate: Proof of your car’s origins and history.

3. Proforma Invoice: A formal document specifying the transaction details.

4. JEVIC, QISJ: Inspection reports from trusted organizations.

5. Agent’s Authorization Letter: A letter giving someone the authority to represent you.

6. Import permits from TFDA and TBS (Tanzania Bureau of Standards): Official permits ensuring your car meets local standards.

7. Taxation in Tanzania: Understand the taxes you’ll need to pay when importing your vehicle to Tanzania.

The Regulations in Tanzania 

Importing a car from a Tanzania car dealership involves adhering to specific rules and regulations. To ensure a smooth process while saving both time and money, it’s essential to be well-informed about the following guidelines:

1. Shipping Ports

Japanese used car for sale in Tanzania are brought into the country through the Dar-Es-Salaam port.

2. Vehicle Age Restrictions in Tanzania

  • There’s no strict age restriction for imported Japanese used cars in Tanzania.
  • However, if a used car is older than 8 years, you’ll be required to pay an additional excise duty, which varies:
  • Non-utility vehicles: 25%
  • Utility vehicles: 5%
  • This rule applies to cars and light trucks but not machinery.

3. Taxation in Tanzania

  • Import tax is imposed based on engine capacity:
  • Vehicles up to 2000cc: Import duty 25%, VAT 20% (Total: 50% of dutiable value)
  • Vehicles above 2000cc: Import duty 25%, Excise duty 10%, VAT 20% (Total: 65% of dutiable value)

4. Importing Cost

  • Import costs vary depending on factors like vehicle age and engine capacity.
  • For cars with up to 2000cc engine capacity: VAT 20%, Import Duty 25%
  • For cars with above 2000cc engine capacity: VAT 20%, Import Duty 25%, Excise Duty 10%
  • If the vehicle is older than 8 years, an additional excise duty applies of 25% for non-utility and 5% for utility vehicles.

5. Excise Duty

  • Excise duty rates depend on engine capacity:
  • Cylinder capacity up to 1000cc: 0%
  • Cylinder capacity exceeding 1000cc however not going beyond 2000cc: 5%
  • Cylinder capacity exceeding 2000cc: 10%

Bottom line

Japanese Used Cars for sale in Tanzania are in high demand. However, people are still sceptical about whether or not they should proceed with purchasing a vehicle from a foreign land. 

Well, first of all, if you follow all the rules and regulations, you won’t face any problem while importing the vehicle. Secondly, consider working with a reliable Tanzania Car dealer . They will ensure you are offered a better deal on the vehicle model of your choice. 

So, wait no more and employ this newly gained information to use and bring your dream vehicle home!