Everything To Look For Before Renting A 1-Bedroom Apartment

Renting A 1 Bedroom Apartment

It’s always been a stressful venture to find an apartment for rent. The stress doubles when you are hunting alone since you had a group in the past to rely upon. Now, when you are separated from your crew, it’s all up to you! The hunt is going to be exciting as you will learn quite a few things. Before you make the final decision about an apartment, you need to look for a few things. For instance, you will be looking for a 1-bedroom apartment; you need to consider several factors. Keep reading to know what these points are! This article is all about explaining these factors.

Important factors to consider before renting a 1-bedroom apartment:

Renting a single-bedroom apartment could be a tricky and hectic process. With various factors to consider, the job is hard to do without a helping hand. So before you choose your living space, make sure it has everything you need. Walk with us to know what these important factors are!

1. Physical Space:

The first and foremost important point to consider while choosing a living space is the physical space. The average square foot of small apartments has been decreased by 10% since the development of new units. It would be best if you considered this as it can create later problems. Physical space incorporates various points which are discussed in the coming lines.

i) Layout:

A crucial thing to keep in mind is how your square footage is laid out. Once you know your layout, it will help you arrange your living space. The floor-plan must be considered in advance to make room for necessary things like furniture.

ii) Storage space:

Storage space in a single bedroom may be small, but it does not mean you have to part with any possession. All you need is good management of the space to make room for everything. Look for a house with enough storage space to house all your furniture and possessions. Are you looking to buy an apartment in Dubai? Consider having a look at 1 bedroom for sale in JVC!

iii) Patio:

A private deck or patio will act as an extra room for you. It is better to look for a patio when renting or buying a small apartment. The essence of such portions is felt more in good weather. Moreover, you can turn the space into a customized sanctuary. The best you can do here is having a morning cup of coffee.

iv) Yard:

A huge bonus in small spaces is having a yard in your house. Would you like to pop up a lawn chair and soak in the sun? Of course, everyone wants it! You can have a dedicated space for a garden or potted plants if you love gardening.

v) Bathroom size:

Small apartments often have a shower only. But it would be best if you did not settle for it. Make sure the place you are renting has a shower/bath combo. With this combination, you can take a shower once in a while, and the extra bath space would be something you can’t turn down. The bathroom size must be bigger enough to have room for all your bathroom necessities.

vi) Kitchen size:

Same as the bathroom, a kitchen must be of decent size and décor. The counter space in a kitchen is something you should look for because it matters the most. You don’t need to settle for a small-sized kitchen. The size of the kitchen should be at the forefront of your mind when looking for a 1 bedroom for sale.

2. Price of the apartment:

It is necessary to conduct pre-purchase research about the prices of the same-sized apartments in the area. Going for a transaction without knowing the prevailing prices in the marketing would be nothing less than tomfoolery. Everyone struggles to buy a good thing at a lower price, and you should do the same.

A key consideration before renting or buying a bedroom apartment is the price. Once you have visited the place, keep in mind what it has and what is missing. Make a rough estimate of these things and throw your card. Do not hesitate to negotiate the price!

3. Safety of the place:

It is an obvious fact that everyone wants to settle in a safe and sound environment. Before you choose your living space, make sure the area is safe enough to make a living in. Check out the nearby security booths and check posts. Once you are satisfied with the security concerns, go on for further proceedings!

4. Parking facilities:

A major problem for car owners when shifting to a new place is the car parking area. Do you own a car? Well, you need to make sure the place has a suitable car parking area. If it is lacking, you need to sort this out way before you sign the final document.

Join hands with expert property dealers for property purchases!

Be it renting a small apartment or buying a large villa; the transaction is almost impossible without a real estate developer. It would be best if you had their expertise at every step to ensure smooth execution. Consider joining hands with them before you make any final decision!