Facts About Aquariums Kids Need To Know

Facts About Aquariums

Fishkeeping is one of the most popular hobbies and activities all around the world. To keep fish, you need special arrangements from water to food and maintenance. Not everyone can afford and manage to keep them at their homes. But aquariums are the places where a huge number of sea creatures are kept.

There are numerous types of aquariums, and some of them are virtual too. But people prefer visiting the aquariums personally. Aquariums in Dubai are the center of attraction for the locals as well as the tourists. Aquariums are not just a place of amusement for people of older age, but there are several things for kids to learn. The aquarium itself is a mystery for kids, and they need to know some very basics about them. For many of us, aquariums are the size of a coffee table made of glass. But the facts are way more different; these aquariums are far beyond our imagination and thinking.

Keep reading this article to know certain facts about aquariums that every kid must know about and familiarize themselves with the marine life in aquariums.

Top 7 Facts About Aquariums Your Kids Must Know About

Learning about marine life with just one visit to a seaside is not enough, or you do not get to see all of the sea creatures. A visit to an aquarium is more than enough to help your kids learn and know about various underwater species. But they also need to know about the types of aquariums and the life inside them. Certain questions about these aquariums could bother your kids, and that is why they need to know certain facts to clear their misconceptions.

Below are some very popular facts about aquariums for children.

Aquarium size

Aquariums could be of any size, depending upon the type of animals you are keeping. But nowadays, the most popular ones are larger in size where the water used could range up to hundreds of gallons. Aquariums of smaller sizes have water capacity in liters, and the animals kept in them are fewer. People love to witness aquariums where the number of sea creatures is higher where they can have a better experience. That is why people prefer booking tickets for Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo to witness a wide range of marine animals closely.

Material used

The material used for making these aquariums is glass. These glass panels are joined together with the help of silicone. The glass used for this purpose is very strong and has minimum fracture rates. Othe material could be plastic on the backside and top of the tank for decoration purposes.

Types of animals kept

The small fish tanks we have at our homes are way different from the aquariums. We can only keep some sea creatures at our home, but the aquariums out there contain various kinds of sea animals. Some of the species kept in the aquariums are as follows.

  • Sharks
  • Dolphins
  • Seals
  • Sea turtles
  • Manta rays

Maintenance of the aquariums

The cleaning and maintenance of the aquariums are very important for the healthy life and survival of the animals contained in them. A special team is on duty to keep the aquarium clean and watch out for other tasks such as plumbing and tank pumps. The maintenance team is responsible for cleaning the aquarium and ensuring the flow of water.

Type of water used

For every species, the type of water used will be different. For example, some animals can only survive in shallow water, while some of them prefer to live in warm water. Therefore, according to their needs, they are kept in a different type of water. Another aspect that is common in the aquarium is the ratio of solute to solvent. Apart from water being a necessity, plants and grass are also very important for these sea creatures.

Marine animal training

Another thing your kids must know about the aquariums is that the animals kept in them are trained. The experts and professionals are on duty to train these animals, which is why these animals amuse the people visiting them. The animal trained the most is the Dolphin and sharks, which perform different tricks and stunts for its viewers. These animals kept in aquariums have a strong bonding with their trainer; that is why they learn fast.

Underwater aquarium visits

Aquarium tunnels are the new thing where you can walk through these tanks while surrounded by gallons of water. These aquarium tanks contain every type of marine animal, from sharks, sea jellies, sea horses to whatnot. These walkthrough aquariums are a must to visit, and these are some of the best sources to fascinate kids. So, if you want to be close to the marine animals while staying on the safe side, you can buy Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets.

Visit an aquarium to know more about them!

Visiting an aquarium will help you know more details about them and the creatures living in these tanks. However, you must take your family and kids along to enjoy every bit of an aquarium visit and explore the things that you didn’t know before. But make sure you visit the aquarium that has a lot to tell and a number of things to fascinate you.