Facing Linksys Extender Connection Issues? Here’s the Fix!


Are you confused why you are facing Linksys extender connection issues? Don’t be! The list of the reasons why Linksys extender connection issues are annoying you are too lengthy. So, rather than wasting your precious time in figuring out why your Linksys extender is being a troublemaker, have a quick glance at the troubleshooting tips given here in this post. As soon as you apply the Linksys extender troubleshooting tips mentioned here, all the connectivity issues you are facing with your Linksys extender will disappear. So, without much ado, keep scrolling down!

Fixed: Linksys Extender Connection Issues

Power Cycle Your Linksys Extender

Whatever the reason may be behind Linksys extender connection issues, power cycling your device would be one of the easiest troubleshooting tips to get the issue fixed in no time. Walk through the instructions given-below that you need to follow in order to power cycle your Linksys extender.

  • Power off your Linksys WiFi extender.
  • Disconnect all the devices that are connected to your Linksys extender.
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds.
  • Then, plug your Linksys extender back into its respective wall outlet.
  • Push the on/ off (power) button.

Thus, in this way you can fix Linksys extender connection issues. To check connectivity issue, open a web browser and access the http://extender.linksys.com web page.

Opt For Different Connection Mode

Did you connect your Linksys extender to your router in a wireless manner? If so, then it can be a reason behind Linksys extender connection issues. But, you need not to worry! Connecting your Linksys extender to your router using an Ethernet connection might be helpful in this case.

So, all you have to do is to grab an Ethernet cable and connect your Linksys extender to your modem. Connecting your Linksys extender to your router using a wired connection is also one of the most reliable and secure source.

The Power Supply Must Be Continuous

Another reason why you are facing Linksys extender connection issues might be the discontinuous power supply being supplied to your Linksys extender. If the power supply being supplied to your Linksys extender is not continuous, you will surely face connectivity issues with it. Thus, to fix the issue, supply a steady power supply to your Linksys extender.

Apart from that, placing your Linksys extender in reach of your main router and away from thick walls, corners, windows, and baby monitors can also help in fixing connectivity issues.

Epitome of Convenience: Switch to Linksys router for exceptional wireless speeds for your entire family. To get the uninterrupted wireless speeds all over your house, you need to set it up first. For beginners, ask us for Linksys router setup process.

Update the Firmware of Your Linksys Extender

Updating the firmware of your Linksys extender is another way through which you can easily cope up with the issues. Follow the instructions outlined underneath to update Linksys extender firmware.

  • Connect your Linksys extender directly to your router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Access the http://extender.linksys.com web page
  • A window will appear asking for the default Linksys extender login username and password.
  • Fill the required fields carefully and click on Log In.
  • Linksys Extender Setup page displays.
  • Click on Firmware Upgrade.
  • Select Choose File > Start Upgrade.
  • After a couple of minutes, your Linksys extender will reboot automatically.
  • Thus, you have successfully updated Linksys extender firmware.

Pro Tip: If you have a Linksys router, update its firmware too. Login to Linksys router and check for the updates available for your device. If there is any latest firmware updates available, get your router updated by following the on-screen instructions.

Hopefully, this post have helped you out in fixing Linksys extender connection issues. Need more help? Contact us via comments.