Getting a Digital Printer for T Shirt Printing


If you are a creative person who enjoys designing and personalize clothes, then a great tool is a T shirt printer. This handy little device lets you print directly onto any shirt. It prints on all fabrics, from cotton to silk, and with many different sizes and thread colors. The printers have a special paper cutter and a variety of attachment tools so that you can accomplish all kinds of designs. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when you’re printing your own T shirt.

To begin, choose a design that you want to print on the T shirt. If you are not familiar with how the digital process works, it’s simple enough. Simply select your image, create the design with the design tool and then upload it to the printer. Once your design has been uploaded, place your chosen fabric in the T-shirt frame and then snap the two apart. The T shirt printer will then print your design onto your customized T shirt.

After your design has been printed, remove the shirt from the frame and carefully unzip the T shirt. If there are any pockets, close them before you remove the shirt. If the design is printed on the front of the shirt, you need to take the pocket down to expose the fabric and press it down. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions for your specific design.

After your shirt has been printed, remove it from the T shirt and lay it flat. The print head on the printer will be powered by the electric motor and the T shirt will be subjected to the same conditions as any other shirt. Depending upon the type of quality you are looking for, the T shirt may need to dry overnight.

Next, turn the T shirt back inside out and press the “Print” button on the print head. If you are using the a desktop printer, the print button is usually located on the lower left hand corner of the machine. You will need to wait a few minutes while the machine prints your custom T shirt. Generally, this process only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Before the T shirt dries, you will see a confirmation in the status area of the machine.

If the shirt comes out clean, turn it inside out and repeat the steps above again. This time, you will print the design on the front of the T shirt. Again, the process typically only takes a few minutes and you will see a confirmation in the status area of the machine. This print head will print your custom T shirt by using the same parameters as the computer. A different number of colors can be printed on the T shirt depending upon the number of colors that can be programmed into the machine.

After your design is printed, you will simply need to remove the T shirt from the machine. Your logo or message should be located on the back of the T shirt. Press your machine’s print button once more to finalize the printing job. Typically, your custom T shirt will be ready in about an hour’s time.

T shirts are perfect for marketing because they are very versatile. Custom printed T shirts can be worn by anyone, anywhere. They are great for promoting brand awareness, advertising new products, and attracting new customers. Brands can benefit from the cost-effectiveness of custom T shirt printing. The convenience of printing and the ability to display a brand logo or message can help to build a company’s reputation. Digital printing Machine offers a cost-effective method of printing T shirts that offers high quality and a highly competitive price.