The Top 10 Features of the Best Rental Script


It is very expensive to buy every property that you will use for a short time or seasonally. Renting a property online rental script is a great way to save money.

Features You Need to Start an Online Rental Business:

Verified users

Users are verified using OTPs and other social media platforms. Anyone who uses Rental Script to rent (renter) or book (Rentee), is referred to as a user. Verified users will help make the marketplace more trustworthy.


The Airbnb Clone App has a wishlist that helps renters quickly book their preferred property for future needs. Renters can save time by using the wishlist to find the perfect property for their needs.

Multiple Signup/Login

The multiple signup/login in is a way to login to the application quickly without having to fill in all the details of the rentee. This can be done by logging in through Facebook, Google and E-mail. This will sync the details from the social media to the login process automatically, making it more convenient and faster.

Advanced search and Filters

This advanced search feature allows users to find the exact property type for bookings. This filter allows users to quickly and precisely filter properties based on location and price without having to spend hours in the app.

Listing Detailed

Renters can use the detailed listing to provide information about the property, such as the type, amenities and capacity, the price, the cancellation policy, the availability days and more. The detailed listing of a rental script allows the rentees to compare the properties and see their details.

Secured insurance policy

Only property owners with a valid insurance policy can register the property. The owners and admins of the App can stop worrying about their property being rented. Renters will not be able to use the property if there are any damages.

Multiple booking options

The lastminute Clone App allows the guest to book multiple properties or spaces at once. Bookings can be made by contacting the host or requesting a booking. Multiple options make it easy for users to book.

Multiple Payment Options and Secured Payment

Users can pay in advance for the property or after its usage using credit cards, debit cards, or online payment methods. The payment is secure and safe, since the renter receives the exact amount charged for the service via the application.

Ratings and Reviews

The Lastminute Clone app is the first to offer this feature, which will help users engage and understand the mentality of people. Rentees can also read reviews and ratings from previous renters before choosing the service.

Hourly Reservation

Renters can choose the time they want to start and finish the rental. This can be for one day or several days. It helps service providers know when to provide services.

Wrapping it up

This blog should have clarified the main features of Rental Script, like the Airbnb Clone. It is important to choose the best Rent Script provider to integrate all these features. Makent Trioangle Technologies is the clear winner after all of the research.