Guide to local hiking trails in Islamabad

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Islamabad is not only the capital city of Pakistan but is also considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is surrounded by greenery and is very close to the margallah hills. The margallah hills continue the Himalayan Mountain range and are just above Islamabad. The hills are extremely fertile with rich soil and are filled with plants all around. These hills are famous among hikers; in fact, the local authorities plan a hiking trip every year for people of all ages. The authorities have ensured that the hills are safe for hiking and overnight camping. Here are some of the most famous hiking trails in Islamabad. know about Taj Residencia 8 marla payment plan.

Hiking trail 1

The first trail starts at margalla hills and is next to sectors E-8 and E-9 of Islamabad. This hiking trail will lead you towards the Pir Sohawa highway in two hours. This hiking trail requires a lot of commitment to reach the top and is full of leg exercises. The course will lead you towards the top of the Pir Sohawa highway, from where you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

Hiking trail 2

The second hiking trail starts just from Pir sohawa street and is behind the Islamabad Zoo, going to the Daman e Koh. Compared to other hiking trails, this trail is the easiest and is perfect for families. Several other attractions surround the trail, such as playgrounds, street vendors, and chaiwallahs. This trail is exceptionally popular among tourists, and there are several cabs available at the end of the trail that you can take to go back. The Daam-e-Koh is also linked to the mountain trails through other hilly routes. After walking for around 1 to 1.5 hours, the course will take you to the viewpoint of Daam-e –Koh. It offers a magnificent view of Islamabad’s scenery and landscape. Hiking trail 2 is the shortest way to reach Daam-e-Koh and makes the perfect Sunday family outing. Also read about Capital Smart City payment plan.

Hiking trail 3

The third hiking trail is Islamabad’s most famous and well-maintained. It starts from Margalla hills in F-6 and goes to the top of Pir Sahara. It requires the hiker to be physically fit and have good stamina. However, there are several rest places and benches throughout the trail where the hikers can stop and catch their breath. Hiking trail 3 is the most adventurous as it keeps you active throughout but is also perfect for families due to the several rest places. It is regarded as one of the longest hiking trails in Islamabad and has its park at the starting point. The viewpoint of this trail is like no other and provides an excellent view of Islamabad and all of its features.  

However, the route to the viewpoint is steep and takes more than an hour of walking. It requires constant climbing, and hence it is advised that people carry water bottles to stay hydrated. This hiking trail is easily accessible and has proper rest, cleaning, and proper care; thus, it is famous among locals and tourists of all ages.

Hiking trail 4

Hiking trail 4 acts as a link between hiking trails 3 and 5. It is located within the hills and provides beautiful scenery, thus being perfect for people who like to spend time among nature while hiking. This hiking trail starts from the very famous La Montana restaurant, right near the Marghzar zoo, and goes through the Pir Sohawa road to reach the Dhoop Jeevan Loop trail. The best part of this hiking trail is that a stream flows through it just a few meters from the start. This gives a fresh break to the hikers and makes a good resting place with a freshwater source. However, there are no mobile signals towards the top of the trail, and hikers are advised to carry torches with them to avoid getting lost.


Islamabad is known for its greenery, and it is also home to some of the best hiking trails in the country. If you ever visit Islamabad, you should try these hiking trails. Buy plot in silver city