Add Italian charm to your home by using these tips


Italy is known for its opulent and gorgeous architecture. Along with the ostentatious furniture, the soft furnishings, and the lovely wall paintings add to the grandeur of the place. Apart from the exquisite artifacts found in Italy, the homes there make use of the natural light in a playful way and the impact of wall painting on the space. If you are looking for painting services in Mumbai, then this painting service can help you bring this charm to your home and is the perfect option for you. 

 If you are looking to add an irresistible Italian charm to your home, here are a few tricks you can use. 

  1. The new design trend is to emphasize heavily high-quality craftsmanship. Carved cupboards, tables, and shelves are commonly seen in homes and due to the good quality materials, they can last for a long time. 
  2. No matter which material you opt for (wood, leather, marble, and stone) , think of creative ways to include them in your home. 
  3. Get everything in your house modified according to your taste and to fit together like a puzzle.
  4. Paint your walls according to the theme of the artwork you wish to hang up.
  5. Invest in a beautiful ceiling delicate decoration. Most Italian monuments have domes and amazingly painted ceilings, to replicate this you can have your own family story or history painted in a pictorial form.
  6. Pay attention to the details and try to include a personalized aspect in all corners of your house.
  7. If you are looking for the perfect colours to make your dream house come true you can look at Nerolac wall paint to help make your dream come true. 
  8. Grey and resin effects are very popular in Italy, especially in the kitchen. Use this unconventional combination instead of the regular plain white. You can also go for textured walls by using grey.
  9. The furniture and wall by themselves can bring a lot of character to a room. For example, even in a minimalistic approach where there are only a few pieces of furniture in the room, walls can transform the place from being open and light to a coveted artsy studio. 
  10. You may notice in an Italian home that there is no hesitation to overlap patterns and make use of intricate designs.
  11. You can use a bolder colour scheme instead of using soft and subtle colours. For example, if you’re using a dark shade, you can use this same shade on the sofa in felt or silk. 
  12. If you are using dark colours on the wall that does not mean you have to opt for light-coloured woods. In fact, if you are using brown on the wall, you can use a darker colour like oak. 
  13. At the same time if you are using a soft grey or classic white on the wall you can opt for lighter marbles and woods for creating furniture and countertops. 
  14. There is no inhibition when you were to include colours in a single room. For example, you can have a yellow lounging chair along with a black and white sofa and a multi-coloured rug. At such times it is essential to stick to a neutral colour scheme with lighter colours on the walls.

Most houses in Italy use these basics and you can use these tips for your house to create an Italian themed paradise. Although, the trends keep changing these classic elements will never be out of fashion. Decorate your walls to show a part of your personality and taste and ensure every person who comes to your home is in awe of your house.