These Hacks Can Improve The Battery Performance Of Your Smartphone


Smartphone batteries can be the focal point when someone is considering buying a new smartphone. It’s one of the key features that play a role in the overall functioning of your phone. How can you make your battery life last longer, and be better?

The battery of your smartphone is the lifeblood of your device. Some will debate this, saying that the processor is the single most distinctive component. Yet others will argue that it’s the RAM that counts. Well, it’s neither of these that are the phone’s most important component, and yet, it’s all of them. Every element that is in your smartphone complements the other. 

Without all these influencing each other, your smartphone would be at the dead-end of functionality. Nonetheless, let’s just concentrate on one important thing here — the battery. “Saving battery life” is the single most important thought in everyone’s mind. 

How many of us have flinched seeing the sign “battery low”? At such times, we’re near panic, and scamper to find our charger. Phone companies have grappled with the issue of longer battery life since smartphones first came out. The best phone under 25000 INR or even less than 1 lakh INR will have a battery that will only last that long. 

Brands come up with new features that count, like faster processors that make your phones more powerful every year. They also innovate on other not-so-important cosmetics of a phone, such as a foldable device. You can’t help but ask yourself the question — why hasn’t a stronger battery been invented? The most robust will go on for a day at the most, after fully charging the phone. 

Larger battery capacity like that in 6000mAh battery phones is meant to be long-lasting as it is bigger. Though this may be the case, the difference is only marginal at best, between differently-sized batteries. That’s if you use the phone for just communication, and not browsing extensively or using data in other ways.

Phone brands are still using age-old Lithium-ion batteries that have seen improvements, but not significantly enough to make batteries stay charged for longer and stay more durable. In recent years, Samsung has been working on a grapheme battery that promises more charge for longer periods. Till this sees the light of day, you will have to rely on some hacks (tried and tested) to keep your phone “alive” for longer spans of time, if you want the best out of them. 

Tricks for Terrific Battery Life

Theoretically, the best smartphones are supposed to last for several hours, after being fully charged. Several hours, until you use them, that is. Nonetheless, you can take heart with some of these tricks to ensure that your phone battery doesn’t run out before dinnertime. 

  • Delete useless apps – We tend to hoard apps on our phones. Pesky apps keep running in the background and drain the battery.
  • Background app data should be disabled – If you need some essential apps, by all means, keep them, but disable background functioning of others. You can keep this on for social media platforms where you want to know exactly when you get a message. 
  • For most apps, disable notifications – Push notifications are sent by most apps. You don’t need these unsolicited alerts. You can customize these, based on importance.
  • Switch off location services or reporting – A silent killer, location services can drain 6000mAh battery phones. Behind your back, as it were, GPS navigation sucks all the juice from your phone. As if this wasn’t bad enough, apps like Facebook, Instagram and the like keep track of your exact position so that they can tag whatever posts are exchanged. 
  • Switch on “Battery Saver” mode – This is an easy one to follow. For one thing, your phone becomes dimmer, and saving on brightness can substantially save your battery life. 

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