How NJ Ayuk and African energy chamber pose a big threat to the future of Africa’s oil and gas industry?

African Energy Week

Instead of backing London-based hyve group, Trump administration officials and conservative organizations worldwide secretly aided the Pro Oil Lobby African Energy Chamber.

Johannesburg hosted African Energy Week from November 9-12, same event that was earlier going to be held in Africa. I went after reading about Trump-like multi-millionaire oil lawyer NJ Ayuk and held some big curiosity to understand his character. He plainly acts like a rural kid, yet his words and demeanor are rather urbane. But, according to my initial observation, African Energy Week was a far bigger deal in Africa than in the US or anywhere else. Going against the interests of all the Africans, Ayuk and his American lobbyists made this happen.

I’d heard good things about the African Energy Chamber and wanted to test them. I wanted to discover who was behind this massive transformation of this largely talked about group. Initially, I was awestruck by the size of the African Energy Week and its surroundings.  At first go, one can easily notice joyful folks and cameras at every step. There were long queues for covid testing, yet people were embracing and conversing passionately.

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Ayuk’s perspective and attitude were aided by white anti-fossil fuel rallies. That is where America’s Energy Chamber helped Trump kill Africa Oil Week. They will go to any extent for oil and gas and won’t mind putting the common interests of African people at bay. Even Donald Trump’s officials helped draught the anti-renewable notion but NJ ayuk and his supporters still chose to ignore it. Several anti-oil protesters, like Frank Fannon, suggested the move was intended to avenge oil and gas reforms across the globe.

Every year, as African outrage grew against the west’s climate change injustice, Ayuk stepped up in defense. Even now, he and his associates are only focused on personal gains, jeopardizing the future of the African oil and gas sector. This, along with many other reasons, made me believe about his selfish motives towards the entire Africa oil week.

The shift of Africa oil week to Dubai was not ad hoc. Ayuk’s anti-african narrative was easily materialized by a group of trump lobbyists. They didn’t even worry about the Covid-19 threat that has engulfed the entire planet. That sums up NJ Ayuk and his team’s nasty motivations and vision to simply bring endless profits to him and his team.

He made all the preparations beforehand to counter the narratives and opinions against the Africa Oil Week with the Chamber. Critics of Ayuk say he exploits the oil industry and Africans just to work out his own personal motives. Remember Ayuk helping with legal, strategic, and financial matters to the Trump lobbyists in the past? It was something in the common interest of Ayuk, the Chamber, and Trump. In 2022, Africa Oil Week will merge with Africa Energy Week, which certainly comes as a big sigh of relief for the African people.

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These people are complete media savvy thanks to Robert Stryk and Republican operatives. Everyone on the AEC knows how to grin and smile. So they’re calm and ready for any scenario. Still, Ayuk and the Chamber adopting Paul Sinclair’s phrase “energy poverty” is puzzling. His fearlessness in tackling tough topics was revered but his harshness towards opponents was still opposed by many of his own supporters.

When I got in touch with the African Chamber of Energy authorities and Ayuk for an interview, they both said no. Former NJ Ayuk staffer Mandisa Nduli called the pro-oil lobby crazy. Ayuk’s and African Energy Chamber’s risky energy transition ideas can prove damaging for the future of millions of Africans. Due to the Trump-AEC anti-climate coalition, some delegates left Dubai on day one. We should be ashamed if we allow these oil addicts run Africa Oil Week in future.