The Most Popular Types of Solitaire

Types of Solitaire

Solitaire is a popular card game. This game is also known as the Patience game.

You may know about only the klondike solitaire version. But there are different types of solitaire available.

You can play them both online easily. If you want to play solitaire offline you can easily play it on

The types are not that different from each other because this card game is to designed to be played by only one person. 

Different types have different kinds of challenges and tasks to make the game more interesting for the player.

So today, in this article we are going to discuss, the most popular types of solitaire games.

So without wasting any time let’s get to our main topic. 

Types of Solitaire:

  • Klondike:

Klondike is the most popular game in the United States and Canada. This game become much popular in the 19th century.  The name of this game refers to one of Canada’s states, where the gold rush happened.

This game got popular when Microsoft allows the user to play it on Windows 3.0.

It is the most played version of solitaire.


It contains 52 card decks which are arranged in 7 piles. The arrangement of piles starts from left to right. The first pile contains 1 upturned card and the last pile contains 6 downturned and 1 upturned card. 

In order to win you have to arrange the 4 piles of cards in a way that they start from Ace and end at King. The cards have to be placed in alternating colors.

The cards which didn’t get utilized in pile making get arranged in Stockpile.

It’s not that hard the chances of winning this game are 82% all you need is patience and have to focus on winning strategies.

  • Spider:

It is another popular solitaire game and it contains 2 decks. You can easily play it on Windows.

It has 8 foundation piles just like the 8 legs of a spider. It has 2 variants spider one suit and spider two suits.

This type of solitaire game is harder only 1 in 3 people can win this game.


In order to win this game, you have to assemble the 13 cards from ace to king in the tableau and remove them from the table.

The first 4 piles contain 5 cards and the last 6 piles contain 4 cards.

If you use more suits then the game becomes more difficult. If you want more cards in piles you just need to tap on the stockpile. 

In order to complete the column in one suit variant, you have to place cards from ace to king regardless of any suit or color.

And if you are playing two suit variants then you have to place the same color cards.

  • Free cell:

This type of solitaire resembles a klondike version. It contains 52 card decks. This game has a high winning ratio. It has 8 tableau piles. There are 4 foundation piles and 4 free cells.

The first 4 piles have 7 cards and the last 4 have 6 cards.

You can easily play it on your computers on Windows. 

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In order to win this game, you have to complete 4 foundation piles by arranging cards starting from Ace to the King. The placement of cards has to be in alternate colors.

4 free cells allow you to hold the cards until they are not in use.

All the cards are facing upward and they are visible to the player which makes this game both easy and interesting.

  • TriPeaks:

Tripeaks was invented by Robert Houge in 1989.

This game becomes popular because of its card layout technique. The cards are arranged in three triangles. These cards are downward-faced. The row of ten cards faces upward only.

Due to its unavailability in Microsoft Windows, this game is not that much popular as Klondike and spider.

Around 90% of Tripeaks Solitaire games are winnable.


It also consists of a 52 card deck. You have to clear all the cards from the tableau. In order to do so, you have to demolish those cards triangles. You can place a card regardless of any suit. This is a very easy solitaire game and it has also high winning ratios.

  • Pyramid:

It is similar to Tripeaks solitaire game. The cards are arranged in one triangle form. 

But it is not easy as tri-peaks. Only 1 in 50 people can win this game. This means the winning ratio is very low.


There are 28 cards arranged in the tableau in a triangle structure. All the cards are visible to the player.

The more cards you use from the stockpile the more game becomes difficult for you. In order to complete the game, you have to demolish the pyramid and have to arrange 13 cards regardless of any suit. It needs to get started from the Ace and end at the King.


There are many different types of solitaire. Baker’s dozen, Yukon, Forty thieves are also very common. But the 5 types that we have discussed in this article are the most popular.