How Sigma Properties Dominate Pakistan Real Estate

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Sigma Properties has established itself as a prominent Business Leader throughout the years by adhering to a set of principles, principles, and business processes that serve as the company’s economic engine: we label such as the SIGMA STYLE. We think in continual and never-ending development, which is why we aren’t ever complacent with wherever we are and constantly strive to better our business by implementing our most exemplary ideas and efforts. We value people and feel that good individuals working together in such a team environment are the key to our success.

Introduction and Background:

Mir General Contracting & Maintenance Company, a frontrunner in contracting solutions throughout the Middle East since the 1980s, is a sister company of Sigma Properties & Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. Sigma was created in Abu Dhabi in 2003. Logistics and leasing management was the company’s mainstays. Sigma has had the opportunity of working with Middle Eastern business giants and worldwide corporations since its inception. To mention a few, Aldar, Yas Island, Reem Group, and Sheikh Mansoor Palace. For the past four years, Sigma has served as the primary contractor for the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center (Adnec).


Sigma won national and worldwide acclaim for its excellent services during Endurance Cuji when the company handled logistics and transportation for up to 45000 (forty-five thousand) individuals without disrupting the decorum or compromising quality standards. Since then, Sigma has established itself as the most prominent and most competent firm in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Sigma made a name for itself as the first choice among customers in a short period. Sigma organized the Ramadan Festival and the Middle East’s most notable and most significant Car Property Show.

The Story of Sigma:

In 2017, the company began its real estate business in Pakistan, which are working with the top cities around Pakistan like The capital smart city Islamabad. In just three years, Sigma has worked with multi-billion-rupee property deals such as Top City-1, Park View City, Taj Residencia, Royal Orchard Sahiwal, Sky Park, Blue World City, and most recently, Pakistan’s debut smart city, “Capital Smart City.” Sigma Properties is dedicated to bringing foreign business techniques to Pakistan’s market, which it has learned via dealing with multinational corporations. Sigma has delivered notable projects such as Sigma Arcade, which has been finished in record time since its inception.

Sigma is presently regarded as one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing marketing firms. By focusing on client service rather than money, we are disrupting traditional business practices and preconceptions. Sigma’s leadership adheres to the “Client First” attitude, which is why we launched our investor care programme for our clients. We’ve attained a 0% return rate just by harmonizing our efforts. Sigma’s clients are devoted to us, and we are dedicated to them.

Sigma Properties is also committed to improving Pakistan’s economy by attracting international investment, enhancing the country’s real estate market. Sigma Properties also mobilizes human resources and creates jobs. We also invest in human development and capacity building. Sigma Properties is establishing a standard for other businesses because of innovative business techniques and excellent business standards.

Chairman of Sigma Properties, Faisal Akhunzada:

Faisal Akhunzada is a well-known figure in the Pakistani and Middle Eastern real estate industries. His Top-Gun deal-making technique has made him famous. He is the driving force behind Sigma’s rapid growth. He has worked on large projects for prestigious clients such as Sheikh Mansoor Palace and Adnec. He is driving Sigma Properties to new heights for domestic and international investors, with a firm grasp of business and mind clarity.

Sigma Properties’ CEO Mudasar Zaman:

Mr Mudasar Zaman is a member of Mir General Contracting Company’s executive team. In 2007, he began his career as just an investor in the property market. Until 2014, he remained an investor. He acquired the foundations of the property sector during this time. He is a professional with experience working in a high-pressure atmosphere with international organizations, which has enhanced his business sense, speculating, and forecasting capabilities. Using these abilities, he can make various decisions that result in consistent cash flows and financial gains for investors.


  • Property management

We will recommend the most acceptable deal in the market for you based on your criteria, based on our business knowledge and expertise. Sigma Properties provides the best advice to our clients regarding their property difficulties. We give you the best available solutions based on your budget thanks to our expertise in business research plus know-how. Our understanding of the market helps us to comprehend your requirements and provide assistance accordingly.

  • Professional Services:

We offer professional services, including handling legal work all across the process to guarantee that you get deal seals quickly. Our staff at Sigma Properties will assist you in finding the right property and completing the transaction. We do all of the paper proceedings on your part to save you time and effort. Simultaneously, we enlighten our clients on the paperwork so that they are completely satisfied throughout the procedure. At Sigma Properties, we are always accessible to answer any questions you may have.

  • Free consultation

Our valued customers are offered free consultations by Sigma Properties and Marketing. Without charge, our expert personnel will assist you with your possible prospects and investments.

  • Marketing:

It is among our specialities to reach a large number of clients through cutting-edge marketing strategies such as e-media or web-based platforms for mass media. Sigma Properties has fantastic marketing methods and concepts that will assist your business reach the top of the game. Our knowledgeable staff helps you in generating leads and increasing sales. Experts at Sigma Properties are professionals at finding and presenting your property using the newest advances and sophisticated methodologies.

Final Thoughts:

While generating a good profit on investment for the customers and investors is crucial, we never sacrifice a property’s architectural uniqueness. Therefore, we pay great attention to preserve its uniqueness. Our efforts are centred on revitalizing these classic landmarks into fully functional properties that have a mutually beneficial relationship with their modern surroundings to transcend into tomorrow.

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