Important Digital Marketing Skills That Employers Value In 2021


If you are working in the digital marketing domain, you must possess some sort of skill-set to grow at a constant pace. In the digital marketing industry, soft skills such as communication, leadership, negotiation, and networking are pretty valuable. But when these soft skills come in contact with hard, industry-related, skills that employers are looking for, the value increases up to several folds. If you are interested in learning digital marketing, have free time to learn new skills, you can simply opt for Digital Marketing Courses in Pune.

As we know, digital marketing is a field that demands a certain level of expertise in various 

soft as well as hard skills. Having good knowledge about these skills can provide you with an edge over any other candidate who is toiling without them. 

Employers are looking for candidates who are good at various aspects of digital marketing. Whether it be working on web platforms efficiently and making robust strategies or creating appealing designs and forming effective relationships with clients. With the help of this article, we will be knowing about top digital marketing skills that employers value the most. 

Here are some important digital marketing skills that employers are looking for: 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

The first and foremost skill for digital marketing professionals is search engine optimization. SEO is so potent that Microsoft has named it the most demanding skill for digital marketers. This is because SEO is a great tool and technique to drive traffic and increase the reach of the business. People good at SEO hack Google’s algorithm. Pretty cool, isn’t it? It makes the web content more appealing to the targeted audience. People find the company they do business with, through web searches, and most of them go with the one that comes at or near the top search results. 

Even if you are not an expert you should know the basics of search engine optimization, because SEO algorithms are changing constantly, it becomes essential for you to be up-to-date with the change. This is how you can reach the state of advancement. Search engine optimization consists of;

  • Google Analytics 
  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority 
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Backlink Marketing 
  • Keyword research 

Content Development/ Content Marketing

In digital marketing, content can be in the form of video-based, text-based, or even in the form audio-based, as in podcast. Your responsibility would be to verify whether the created content is engaging, well-tuned, and to the point. So, as a digital marketer, you must own an understanding of content writing and video directing to ensure that the content matches with the required professionalism. 

Employers ask for a candidate who can create content with strategies, and knows how to optimize the content as per the demand. You must acquire adequate knowledge about content management systems. In addition to the aforementioned points, you should be well aware of;

  • Composing Email Marketing Pieces
  • The art of storytelling
  • Creating stories within social media
  • Developing promotional video content
  • Writing copy for Advertisements
  • Forming rapport with bloggers and content creators 

Google Analytics

It is easy to gather a huge amount of information using electronic media, but their proper analysis is what makes them significant. Leaning google analytics is the easy part, but acquiring information and utilizing it for your organization to know customer behaviour, requires training. 

You need not worry because a credible digital marketing course can provide you with the initial training and practice. If you are looking for a guide to develop better digital marketing and analysis skills you can check our Digital Marketing Classes in Pune

Information is the most crucial part for any business to grow at a steady speed. And if you know how to arrange it effectively, you would get an edge over the other candidates. Employers are always looking for a candidate with good research and analysis skills. Analysis can be used to access marketing campaigns, compile lists of target email marketing, control cost-per-lead generated. Monitoring and developing reports can be an add-on. 

Website Development Skill

Apart from having core domain skills, a digital marketer, to become more versatile in his field, has to know website development. That is why digital marketing is called a mix of nearly every skill. Website designing is helpful in terms of creating a website, making coupons for promotions, and any other work related to designing. A digital marketer, to get noticed by the employer, must have website and graphic designing skills. 

Although every digital marketing agency has a professional website developer for complex works, basic knowledge about website designing can help you understand how to design and create simple web pages: mainly landing page, lead magnets, and web forms. In a nutshell, basic knowledge about HTML and CSS code is profoundly fruitful.  

Project Management

There are always so many things to do simultaneously for a digital marketer. It becomes hectic to put things together alone without the help of any project management software. Project management software requires skill. 

From content marketer who needs to manage freelancer, assign blog topics, keep track of deadlines, make payment to freelancer, and more to email marketer as each email has a scheduled send time to ensure its proper effectiveness which is difficult to achieve without the help of any project management software. 

A skilled digital marketing professional should know how to use these tools and software to keep track of all diverse projects and initiatives that are being undertaken at any given time. 

 Some solid project management tools you should learn: 

  • Superhuman
  • Trello
  • Excel 

Presentation Skill

Having good presentation skills can help you showcase your ideas and observations in a better and effective way. Leaders always make judgments based on the information provided in the presentation, and hardly any business changes its mind without first seeing a profound presentation. 

A digital marketer needs to know what steps require to create an effective presentation. Formation and effective presentation of strategies are two things that go hand in hand. To deliver an effective presentation make sure you, as a digital marketer, must aware of:

  • Problem sensitivity
  • Reporting
  • Surveying
  • Optimization
  • Predictive modelling

For a skilled digital marketer, both soft and hard skills play an important role. Employers are looking for a candidate who can deliver good results. All these aforementioned skills are high in demand, and employers find them attractive. If you a digital marketer, and want to put yourself in a higher position in your career, you must possess these skills. 

It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert in the above-listed skills, a basic idea about how things work will be useful. Any interested digital marketer should be ready to adapt to new technologies and methodologies. Digital marketers work in a marketing team, so teamwork skill and communication skills can provide a hint to employers about your capabilities. 

With proper training and practice, you will gradually accumulate these skills. You can also take Digital Marketing Training in Pune to enhance your SEO (search engine optimization) skills, Google Analytics Skill, Social Media Skill. To be an effective digital marketer, who is liked by the employer, you must also have critical and factual thinking skills. Employers like a candidate who can think out-of-the-box ideas and can implement those ideas effectively. Keep learning and developing new in-demand skills.