How Tally Cloud Storage Makes Data Security Effortless for Organizations? | Tallystack


Tally is a popular accounting and auditing software used by organizations all over the world. When utilizing Tally ERP for your organization, the user needs to manage a bunch of things, including server maintenance, licensing, storage devices, backup, and so on. All of these items raise your business’s expenses, and this might be tough to sustain for those users who lack technological expertise.

So, if you’re looking for some way to keep costs down and leave all technical responsibilities to be handled by experts, give Tally on Cloud a shot.

Dedicated Tally Server on Cloud

Your one-stop answer for all your challenges is a Tally Dedicated Server on Cloud. These servers are set up to run the most recent tally software version and you won’t have to spend on a multi-license for multiple users. These servers are regularly maintained by a team of professionals, so there will be no latency or interruptions when you use Tally on Cloud servers.

These servers are completely controlled by a team of skilled IT specialists, so you can rely on them to provide a high-quality and error-free service. You may save a deal of time and price by experiencing advantages of the Dedicated Tally Servers, which you can allocate towards other aspects of your organization.

Amazing Features that you get with Tally on Cloud Service:

Automatic BackUp:

These servers also provide an auto-backup option that allows you to regularly back up all of your crucial data. Keeping a backup of your business data is usually beneficial because you can easily restore your data in the event of a breakdown or data corruption.

Highly Protected

If you use Tally on Cloud, you won’t have to worry about your sensitive business data being stolen or attacked. These servers are extremely secure, as they are equipped with the most up-to-date antivirus software. Since new viruses and harmful software packages are found on a regular basis. As a result, in order to secure your data from threats, antivirus software is renewed and updated on a regular basis.

Accessible from any place

You could access your data online at any time from anywhere in the world when you use Dedicated cloud servers. As it is based on cloud technology, it works on any OS-based device or computer with an active internet connection. Install any Tally ERP version of your preference. In the future, upgrade to any Tally ERP version of your choice.

24/7 Professional Support

We intend to make our customers satisfied, thus we provide professional help 24/7 support. You can contact our experts at any moment if you face any difficulties with the application or the speed of the servers. They also assist in fixing any concerns as soon as possible so that your official work is not hampered.

Reliability and speed

Hosted on Tier 3 Data Centers with optimized server for Tally and high-speed reliable connection.


Tally on cloud is simply the greatest solution for organizations that use tally software because it has so many merits and a few downsides. You can have extremely secure access to your business data from anywhere in the globe and at any time if you use these Dedicated Cloud Servers. Check out affordable Tally Dedicated Server pricing plans of Tallystack..