How To Choose The Most Appropriate Impact Window For Your House

Impact Window

When adding more insulation to the home, impact windows are a common choice. As a bonus, they also work well as an energy-saving window option. But how can you know which type of impact window is best for your house? This article will help you choose the best impact window for your home by discussing the various criteria you should weigh.

What is an Impact Window?

When a window is slammed shut, it is held in place by a system of springs and weights; this is an impact window. Open the window, and the importance of the springs will force the top bar down, keeping the window open. The bar is closed by the weights when the window is closed. In Europe, people favor impact windows over other options since they save money on heating and cooling costs. In addition, the U-factor of impact windows is higher than that of regular windows, so they won’t catch as much direct sunlight and won’t get as hot in the summer.

Types of Impact Windows

Many varieties of impact windows have their advantages and disadvantages. The various categories are as follows.

Casement windows:

The top of this type may be opened and closed on a hinge, making it a popular choice because of its low price and high ventilation capacity. Because of the wide entrance, this design only provides a little in the way of personal space.

Sliding window:

The top-hinged screen on this design can be opened or closed for privacy or airflow. Although they are more expensive than other types, their versatility is remarkable.

French doors:

They are a lot like sliding windows in that they open outward from the top, but they also feature a rail around the frame so that the glass need never be touched. They help separate a huge room into several smaller ones.

Awning windows:

They are comparable to French doors in that they feature an outer rail, but they don’t swing open all the way but instead feature an arched top that lets in natural light and air but keeps out the elements. You can use them to insulate your home better or make an indoor patio.

Tips for Buying a New Impact Window

There are a few things to remember when searching for an impact window. Consider what kind of window installation you want or need first. Single-pane, double-pane, and triple-pane impact windows are all available. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

The least expensive alternative, single-pane windows, offer little to no protection from the elements. They are the most vulnerable to breakage from wind and rain and have the lowest resilience to impact.

Double-paned windows are more expensive than single-paned ones, but they provide superior protection from the elements. They are less susceptible to being harmed by wind or rain and have a higher resistance to impact.

Triple-pane windows are the most expensive because they provide the highest level of protection from the elements and the most significant resistance to impact.


If you want to protect your home from storm damage, picking the correct impact window might be challenging. A wide variety is available, making it difficult to choose the best option. We’ve laid out some of the most important criteria to look for in an impact window, including its ability to withstand the elements, its energy efficiency, and its security features. With any luck, you can zero in on the ideal solution for your house. Please don’t hesitate to contact windsafeshutters with any inquiries or for any more guidance you may require in selecting the perfect impact window for your home.