This is Why Your Business Needs Promotional Lanyards

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Every year businesses all over Australia spend a lot of money on their marketing, but did you know that promotional lanyards are a cost-effective marketing tool that doesn’t just increase brand exposure, it’s also a great security measure too. 

When it comes down to it, purchasing a simple lanyard is a great way to provide an easy marketing solution that won’t break your budget. With many options on the market, Australian businesses are starting to make the most of promotional marketing, to bring a more tangible factor to their brand awareness, while also increasing brand visibility. 

But how exactly will lanyards help your business and where do you get them from? 

They Boost Security

For both employees and visitors, lanyards provide a convenient and comfortable identification card holder that is easily accessible and serves as a visual reminder to security personnel that you are permitted to be on the premises. This way, anyone without a lanyard can be identified easily. 

Colour-coded lanyards are an easy solution for businesses with a variety of staff and visitors who require different levels of access and do not necessitate extensive security checks.

They Can Be Personalised

Lanyards are completely customisable items. Whether you use it for promotion or for your employees, students, or staff, the lanyard can be whichever material, colour, and style you want, with your logo and design placed strategically to bolster your brand identity by providing a powerful visual.

In addition to being useful for advertising, having a visible brand identity can also convey professionalism and boost employee morale by unifying them with a common goal.

Better Brand Visibility

Visual branding is one of the best ways to improve brand identity and help build positive relationships with clients as well as customers. By attaching your brand identity to a useful item like a lanyard, you’ll improve your brand identity. This is because they are always visible, indoors and out, and there are no issues with oversizing as there would be with other garments like polo shirts or hoodies. You can increase your brand’s visibility for a fraction of the cost of a marketing campaign by giving them away as promotional tools, which can be worn by employees, visitors to your business, or the general public. 

Perfect For Events

Lanyards work exceptionally well as a promotional gift for marketing purposes as well as providing the ideal solution for identification purposes at a conference, event, or exhibition without damaging clothing as traditional pin badges do.

People who get them are more likely to wear or use them because they are useful, especially if your branding is bright and clever, allowing your company’s brand to reach as many customers as possible.

In addition, you can purchase a variety of lanyard accessories to attach to the ends of your lanyards. These little extras can make a customer or client feel appreciated and increase their likelihood of recommending your company to others.

If you’re considering using promotional lanyards for your business, whether it be for the staff or for marketing, Simply Merchandise ( is the best choice for you. 

Not only do they have an incredible range of lanyards and accessories, but if you want something more deluxe, they can help get you there. If you want to personalise your lanyards further than what’s seen on the website, they can accommodate you. Priding themselves on quality promotional items for less, Simply Merchandise makes marketing cheaper, and life easier. 

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