How to edit product photos on your Using Software

How to edit product photos on your smartphone

You may feel a little afraid when you hear Product photo editing, but you can easily work with a smartphone.

Select an app for product photographyPlease access the App Store on your smartphone and download the editing app suitable for your product photo. Popular mobile versions are apps such as Lightroom and Snapseed. On the other hand,  some people seem to prefer the desktop version of photo editing software. 

Open the editing app. Please select the photo you want to post on the online shop. Most photos require some editing to get the best out of them.

Make basic edits using the app. This refers to brightness, contrast, sharpness, highlights/shadows, white balance, etc. Avoid using filters, adding borders or coloring, or over-saturating. The goal is to enhance the appearance of the product and emphasize the goodness of the product. Please edit so that the appearance of the product itself is as close as possible.

Save the preset. After editing the first image, save the settings so that you can apply the same content to other images you have taken. Presets can save you time, but after applying a preset, check each image to see if you need to make additional adjustments. 

Adopt a white layer. Dirt and wrinkles that appear on the background can be removed by replacing the background with a white layer. Since I’m shooting on a white background, it should be easy to apply a white layer outside of the product. 

Once you have a clean, clear, and beautiful photo, post it on your Shopify shop!

5 editing apps to help you shoot products

Choosing the right editing app is an important part of learning how to shoot a product with your smartphone. Many have in-app editing capabilities, but there are also many third-party apps with all the features that can help make your product stand out even more.

The most popular product photography apps are: 

1. Lightroom – product photo edit

Supported OS: iOS and Android

Price: Free

Some people say that Adobe Lightroom is the best app for shooting products on the market. The app has easy-to-use tools such as sliders and preset features that allow you to create the photos you want. Lightroom is also a good choice for anyone trying to edit on a computer. You can start editing from your mobile, web, or desktop, and your edits are automatically synced to all your devices.

If you want to get the most out of Lightroom, we recommend signing up for an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan ($ 9.99 / month). The plan includes a photo editing app for desktop, mobile, and web, as well as the latest version of Photoshop.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Target OS: iOS, Android, Windows 

Price: Free

Everyone knows the name of Adobe Photoshop and its features. Photoshop Express is an app that allows you to use many of its excellent photo editing functions on your smartphone. It is a convenient app that allows you to take pictures with your mobile phone or in-app functions, quickly adjust the hue, brightness, exposure, contrast, etc. of the taken images at hand, and easily create wonderful pictures for online shops. 

3. Snapseed

Target OS: iOS and Android

Price: Free

Snapseed is Google’s free photo editing software. Snapseed has many image editing features that you would normally only be able to use with expensive software, allowing you to perform professional-looking computer editing on your mobile phone. If you are a beginner, you can use Snapseed on the Stack to restore your edits and easily save and apply your settings, making it even more practical.


Target OS: iOS and Android

Price: Free

VSCO has all the basic editing tools for exposure, contrast, color balance and more, allowing you to create great photos everywhere. This is a product photo app that brings out the best in your photos, rather than over-editing them. It also has an extensive library of filters and a myriad of optional features, making it an Instagram tool for effectively customizing images. If you want to share your product photos on SNS, you can use VSCO Grid. VSCO Grid is an app-integrated posting platform that allows you to share images on social media and email.

5. Camera+

Target OSiOS

Price$ 2.99

Camera + is a recommended app for both experienced smartphone shooters and beginners. Not only for editing, you can also shoot products as a camera. In addition to being able to set the exposure and focus when shooting, it also has functions such as a stabilizer and timer, making you feel as if you were shooting with a high-quality digital SLR camera lens.

If you are editing on a computer, you can use Camera + to import RAW data. This prevents the image data and information from being compressed, making it possible to produce higher quality product images.