Types of Socks Briefly Short Guide

Types of Socks

Socks are important for every person. They provide great comfort and support to your feet.

Socks can be of different types depending on their length, fabric, quality, etc. There are a huge variety of socks available in the market.

So in this article, we are going to discuss the different types of socks in detail.

It will help you to have the knowledge and also to choose the best one for you.

Types of Socks:

Socks can be of many different types. So we have decided to group them into 5 different categories.

1: According to a length:

Thigh-high socks:

These socks go a little above your knees at the thigh. They are best for women if they are wearing skirts or hoodies. These are fashionable and also provide great comfort.

Over the calf:

These socks are below the knees. These socks are great for athletics or gym people.

School-going kids also wear these kinds of socks. They are also the best option for your workplace.

Low-Cut socks:

If you don’t like long socks then these are a great option for you. These socks fit a little above your feet. They look best with running shoes.

No-Shoe socks:

If you want comfort and don’t want to get your socks visible then these are great options for you. You can wear them with loafers or ballerinas.

Toe cover:

If you get toe hurts from sneakers and hate socks too. Then toe covers are the best option for you. You can easily wear them with any kind of shoes, heels, etc. These will definitely prevent you from sock bunching.

2. According to Needs:

Diabetic socks:

These are special kinds of socks. They provide great comfort and also protect feet from cuts or blisters. These socks are soft.

Some of these socks also come with gel lining which helps to absorb the liquid quickly.

Compression socks:

These are the socks that provide support to people with leg pain. If you want details about these socks you can check compression socks for men reviews.

Leg warmer socks:

These socks are more like leggings as they start from your ankle area and end at your knees.

They are suitable for very cold places. You have to wear them over socks.

3. According to occasions:

Casual socks:

These socks are everyday wearable. They may be of solid colors or with patterns or designs.

Formal socks:

These are the socks that are worn with formal outfits. They are usually calf length and are made of thin fabric. 

They are mostly for men and are available in basic neutral or black, blue, grey, or brown colors.

Sports socks:

These socks can be of different lengths but mostly knee-length or over the calf.

They are made of breathable fabric to provide comfort.

Winter socks:

They are also known as thermal socks. These socks are made of wool to provide warmth to the feet. They also have insulation padding which absorbs the moisture quickly.

4. According to looks:

Tabi socks:

These are toe split socks. If you love to wear slippers then these socks work best for you.

Toe-less socks:

These socks don’t have toes. They are open from the top. They are best for yoga or dance practice.

5. According to fabric:


Most everyday socks are made of cotton. Cotton is a breathable fabric so it provides great comfort to your feet. It absorbs moisture very quickly and is easy to wash.


As it is a natural material it feels good on your skin. Socks made of wool are thick and provide warmness to your body. They are best for cold regions or cold weather.

Wool absorbs moisture very quickly. It’s soft and breathable.


Polyester is a synthetic material. Athletic socks are made of polyester mostly. 

It also dries quickly and is durable also.


In this article, we have discussed almost every sock type. From occasion to needs to fabric and much more. 

We hope that this article will help you in identifying the different types of socks available.