How to Get Rid of Bedbugs: A Short Guide

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs: A Short Guide

Bedbugs are very irritating but they are not harmful. They are very tiny so they can easily hide at the time of detection. 

If only one left it can produce many bedbugs, one female bedbug can reproduce 500 eggs in her lifetime which means they increase their quantity very quickly. 

They cause redness and itching on the body if they get in contact. They can be embarrassing for you when guests come to your place. 

But there is no need to worry about them anymore because you can get rid of them without any difficulty. All you need is some patience, as the process of getting rid of them takes alot of time. 

So without any further time wasting let’s get towards our very main topic that is,

Identify all infested areas

You have to start your procedure once you observe a small single bedbug because they reproduce very quickly so it will be very difficult for you to get rid of alot of bedbugs. Small infestation is much better, effective, and less time taking than a bigger infestation. 

But small infestation is much harder to detect than bigger ones. You have to look for each and every spot whether it’s small or big. 

Always looks for the bedbugs in places like:

  • Inside and outside of mattress and box spring tags.
  • If you have any cracks in the bed frame or headboard look inspect those areas too. 
  • Inside and between the sofas and cushions.
  • In baseboards.
  • Inside the joints of furniture especially if you have wood furniture.
  • Behind the loose wallpapers. 
  • Inside the electric boards.
  • Behind the frames, paintings, posters, and wall clocks too. 
  • Inside the holes of walls. 

If you feel any difficulty in investigating you can call any nearby bedbugs killing services.

Contain the infestation

Once you observe the exact areas where bedbugs are present you have to kill them in order to get rid of them. You cant kill them with tissues or anything as some of them are very small and the eggs of these bedbugs are even smaller. 

In order to get rid of them, the vacuum comes in handy. Use vacuums in all those areas where these bedbugs are present. 

Do not forget the spaces like behind the bed, inside the dressers, under the carpets, etc. 

You also have to vacuum the closet and laundry area as bedbugs are present in great quantity as such congested areas. 

Vist pestsguy if you want any guide in detail related to how to clean laundry infested with bedbugs.

Kill the bedbugs

Home cleaning methods

Bedbugs can easily be killed with home cleaning methods without any chemicals all you need is very high or hot temperature and very cold or low-temperature methods.

Below written are some of the basic methods:

  • Wash all the bedsheets, cushion covers, dining covers, and mats with hot water. After washing put the fabrics in a dryer with the highest heat settings for the next 30 minutes.
  • If you have a steamer use it on the bed, sofa, and all the couches but if you dont have a steamer vacuum can also work. 
  • Discard the things that contain bedbugs or their eggs in larger quantities. But do not discard them openly first place them in a trash bag, seal them and then throw them away.
  • You can place the bedbug’s infected materials in extremely hot environments or in very sunny and hot weather. 

Chemical treatments

Below mentioned are some of the chemical treatment products that effectively work in reducing and finishing the bedbugs and their eggs too.

  • Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are the two most used, effective, and common chemicals that are used to kill all kinds of bedbugs. 
  • Pyrroles not only kill the active bedbugs but also destroy their eggs completely.
  • Foggers or bug bombs are one of the effective treatments to kill hidden bedbugs easily. The fog or smoke goes into every possible hole or crack and kills the bedbugs completely. 

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This guide will definitely help you out from getting rid of any bedbugs. It’s better to start their removal or killing process from the very start.