Dissecting face rollers


Face rollers are becoming increasingly popular. They are a part of many celebrity makeup routines, are lauded by makeup artists, and have a fandom amongst beauty icons.

The question then arises is what do these face rollers do? Read on to find out!

What are face rollers?

Face rollers are made out of multiple materials. Popular choices include crystal, especially jade, rose quartz, stainless steel, and even plastic.

These rollers carry a curved, 3-D elliptical-shaped bar at one end. Some might have these rollers in different sizes at both ends. They are then utilized by rolling the bars all over the face. 

What are the benefits of face rollers?

Although more conclusive and thorough research is needed to establish the efficacy of the rollers, therefore for skin concerns, visit an expert at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, there are still many benefits to using face rollers. These include:

Better circulation

The rolling action helps in improving the blood supply to the face. This improved blood supply leads to better nourishment for the skin. It also brings with itself oxygen, which is beneficial for the cells.

Therefore, with better circulation also comes better skin then.

Skin tightening

We all want youthful skin, and the hallmark of it is tight and taut skin. Face rollers can help with this endeavor. Essentially, massage helps in increasing the levels of proteins that are required to keep the face wrinkle-free.

Reduces puffiness

Face rollers are also beneficial for reducing puffiness. The rollers work by helping in the drainage of the fluid that collects in the face, leading to the appearance of puffiness. The result is even better when the roller is chilled.

Reduced appearance of pores

Pores are natural, but sometimes you want your face to look flawless. In this regard, chilled face rollers can help. With the chill of the roller when worked in tandem with the massage, the pores shrink, and the skin appears tauter.

Feeling of freshness

The action of rolling also helps a person relax. When you coddle and pamper yourself, your mood becomes better, which then helps you in feeling fresher and more relaxed. Since stress can aggravate skin conditions like acne, therefore, the relaxing properties of face rollers are important.

Improved appearance of skin

The massaging action of the face roller helps in better uptake of the skincare products. It then improves the appearance of the skin as well. When combined with its antiaging properties and pore reduction effect, it helps in giving the skin a flawless and youthful appearance.

How to use face rollers?

Firstly, use some face oil or moisturizers so that during rolling, there is no friction. Otherwise, the roller may tug at your skin, damaging it as a result. Then, starting from the neck, roll upwards. Be gentle with the rolling action.

Even though you may roll back and forth, it is recommended that you roll upwards instead.

Similarly, roll from your chin, upwards to your ears. Likewise, roll on your forehead, going from your eyebrows to your hairline. If you have a headache or are just for soothing, you may also roll horizontally on your eyebrows as well.

You can use the rollers every day, in fact, long-term usage is better to reap its benefits. You should roll for 5-10 minutes, although stop when it starts to hurt. 

Claims that are not substantiated

There are still many claims that are attributed to the face rollers that are yet to be substantiated. One such claim is that it causes the face to become slimmer. Roll all you want; you will not get rid of the double chin.

Similarly, some people are led to believe that the crystals from the face roller will help in curing different medical conditions. Unfortunately, this is not true as well. You need to visit your Dermatologist in Karachi to treat skin conditions.