How to Polish the Marble Counters

How to Polish the Marble Counters

It isn’t easy to coordinate with the exemplary polish of lavishly veined marble counters! They transform a traditional kitchen or restroom into exceptional, and when they’re joined with new cabinetry and another new stylistic layout, the change is astonishing. While their prevalence does rise and tumble occasionally, marble counters stay one of the right decisions where premium quality is wanted. Even so, for all its allure, marble has its solidness downsides for use in kitchen and washroom countertops. 

We investigate every one of the upsides and downsides of marble counters beneath. Are your marble counters looking dull, maybe with light scratches on the surface? You can reestablish their sparkle while eliminating light defects by cleaning them.  

It is a DIY project with the right items, so you’ll save over half of the expense of recruiting a worker for hire and have the fulfillment of success. 

Content to explore 

  1. Your Tools and Supplies List for Marble Polishing 
  2. Reasons to Use a Polishing Kit 
  3. Steps to follow 
  4. Sealing Polished marble counters 
  5. Costs to Polish by Flooring & Countertop Stone Type

Your Tools and Supplies List for Marble Polishing 

Having all of your provisions together toward the beginning saves you time and keeps you zeroed in on the job needing to be done. So, it is what you’ll require for cleaning the marble countertop. 

  • Mild cleaner and a wipe 
  • Low-speed polisher or variable-speed processor 
  • Soft cloth or brush for applying sealer 

Complete Repolishing and Sealing Kit that incorporates

  • 1 quart of Diaglo polishing compound for marble
  • 1-3″ hook & loop backed dense felt wheel
  • 1-3″ rigid backer for the felt wheel
  • 1-¼ liter of Tenax Hydrex Impregnating Stone Sealer
  • 1 DVD – Fabricating Stone for the Do-It-Yourselfer
How to Clean Marble Countertops

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Reasons to Use a Polishing Kit 

There are two weighty purposes behind utilizing an instant unit. To start with, you have all that you require in one spot, and the provisions are intended to cooperate. Besides, the compartments of the cleaning compound and the sealer give precise bearings while the DVD tells you the best way to do it. So, the unit truly sets you up to do the work appropriately for remarkable outcomes. 

Steps to follow 

Step 1: The initial step is to watch the fragment of the DVD that identifies with cleaning and fixing marble. The DVD fronts the whole course of introducing, cleaning, and fixing marble. You’ll see it as supportive and very intriguing. 

Step 2: Before cleaning, clean the marble with a gentle, non-grating cleanser and a wipe or delicate fabric. Ensure the cleaner is taken out and that the marble is dry before continuing. 

Step 3: If your marble is stained, consider utilizing a good Stain Remover before cleaning. 

The subsequent stage is to clean the marble while following the headings on the cleaning compound holder and the DVD. Join the patron and the felt wheel to the polisher or processor. 

Step 4: Spill out the endorsed measure of cleaning compound onto the surface. A little goes far. Work the mixture with the felt wheel at low to medium speed. Most project workers work a segment of each to two square feet in turn. Allow the compound and your device to accomplish the work – don’t press excessively hard! 

Step 5: Corners are difficult to reach with a sanding wheel. Utilize compound and fabric. Clean the marble in a revolving style. It is a decent technique for countertop edges as well. 

Sealing Polished marble counters 

When the cleaning is finished, utilize a vacuum or dry material to eliminate the cleaning compound tenderly. Do the task with a moist fabric so that no mix remaining parts. Delay until the following day to seal the marble. Apply the sealer with a delicate, clean cloth or a delicate seethed brush. The suitable sealer holder gives explicit bearings that make the work simple and effective. When the sealer has dried totally, your countertops will look like new and be prepared to utilize. 

Costs to Polish by Flooring & Countertop Stone Type

All the natural stones do not need much polish. Granite marble is well-known for its look, but polishing it will yearly make them more attractive. Granite countertop’s cost of polishing and marble is not much different.  But we put here some other countertops polish costs so we can compare them. 

TypePer Square Foot
Granite countertops cost$3
Terrazzo$3 – $7
Travertine$1 – $2

A few stones, similar to granite, can chip or need complete substitution when harmed. Marble floors frequently cost more to fix than travertine or another soft limestone. Restorable stone assortments are travertine, record, and terrazzo.


Well, now you get the idea of polishing the marble tops. We have listed above the steps to follow that how to polish and seal after polishing.  Also, what kit and supplies will you need if you do it yourself. Further, you now have an idea about the other countertops’ polished cost