How To Recover Deleted Photos From Windows Photo Gallery

recover deleted photos

Are you unable to find your favorite photos in the Windows Photo Gallery? Or do you feel that you have accidentally deleted them? Don’t have any clue on how to restore deleted photos? If the answer to all these questions is a Yes, then you are at the right place as in this article we will be discussing some easy and more importantly tested ways to recover deleted photos from Windows Photo Gallery.

Recover Deleted Photos From Windows Recycle Bin

The very first way to recover deleted photos from Windows is checking for it in the Recycle Bin. When an image is deleted(pressing the Delete button of keyboard) from windows photos gallery then it is first moved to the Recycle Bin.

So, the first way to recover deleted photos from Windows Photo Gallery is to check them in the Recycle Bin and if you find them there, then follow these steps to restore them back.

  1. Locate the Recycle Bin icon which is usually on the desktop of your computer. Double click on it and open the Recycle Bin folder.
  2. Now once you locate the deleted images, select them all and right click  on the selection. Next from the drop down menu select the option, “Restore.”

3. Clicking on the Restore button will restore deleted photos back to their original location.

Note: If you wish to restore deleted photos to some other location other than its original location, then in the Step 2 select the option, “Cut” and then paste the photos to your desired location.

So, if you are able to recover only a few of your deleted photos from windows, and not all then you need to go for a photo recovery software.

Recover Deleted Photos From Windows Photo Gallery Using a Photo Recovery Tool

You will only be able to recover those deleted photos that you have deleted temporarily and that too from your internal disk of your computer. For the images deleted permanently and from the external hard drive or USB flash drives you have to use a dedicated photo recovery program that scans and recovers the images that are buried even in the deepest sectors of your hard drive.

Now when we talk about how to use a photo recovery program, then it is not really difficult to use it but what is more difficult is to pick the right photo recovery program that can efficiently recover deleted photos from Windows Photo Gallery.

However, we have eased this for you a bit by testing several photos recovery tools on various parameters like the scan engine, ease of use, impact on system performance, cost and obviously the after sales support.

And after testing different photos recovery programs we find Systweak Photos Recovery as one of the most efficient tools to recover deleted photos from Windows. Now let’s check out some of its amazing features that make it an efficient tool to restore deleted photos.

  • Powerful scan engine to look into the deepest sector of your disk for deleted photos.
  • Support for the most popular Windows File System like NTFS, FAT and FAT 32.
  • Recover deleted images from external drives and memory cards apart from your computer’s internal hard drive.
  • Simple and user friendly interface that even a basic user can use with ease.
  • Preview the images before restoring them.
  • Light on the computer memory and resources.
  • Dedicated support team for all product related issues.
  • Budget friendly price(prices may vary from region to region)
  • .60 days money back guarantee in case not satisfied by the product.
  • Compatible with Windows OS 10/8.1/8/7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)

The only thing you need to make sure to recover the maximum deleted photos is to stop using your computer as soon as you realize that you have lost/deleted your photos and start using Systweak Photos Recovery.

Recover Deleted Photos From Windows Using a Backup

If you have created a backup of your photos then you can get the deleted photos easily from that backup. However, the steps to restore your photos from that backup will vary depending on the type of backup you are using.

  • If you have all your image images backed up to an external drive, then connect that drive to the USB port of your computer and restore all your lost photos.
  • If you have used a cloud backup program like OneDrive or Dropbox, then just sign into your backup account, locate the images that you have backed up and use the restore feature to get back the lost photos.
  • You can also use the inbuilt backup and restore functionality of Windows to select the available backup and follow the on-screen instructions to restore your backup.
  • Windows 10 also has an additional feature similar to Windows backup and restore known as File History to recover deleted files.


No matter how careful you are, data loss can happen at any time and you end up losing your memorable images. However the methods described in the article will definitely help you to recover deleted photos from Windows photo gallery.