How to wear a leather jacket to look stylish

leather jacket

Many people do not like autumn, reproaching it for its grayness, dank weather and the absence of bright colors. But we are sure that the world should be viewed with a greater degree of optimism. After all, you yourself can become that saturated sun that you lack. To do this, you need to try to look good.

A beautiful appearance is the key to a good mood. A good mood will color the world around you, and it will no longer seem dull and gloomy. One question arises: What do you need to look stylish and feel comfortable on cool autumn and spring days? One simple thing is needed – a leather jacket, be it a classic or a daring biker jacket that does not lose its relevance. And today we’ll talk about how to wear different colors of jackets and look stylish.

How to wear a black leather jacket

We begin with the basic things like black tight pants, the alternative which, by the way, can serve as dark jeans or leather leggings. What top is needed so that the bow does not turn out to be unaesthetic? There are many options, as you yourself might guess. We advise, first of all, to take a closer look at an elongated chiffon blouse, plain or with a print (animalistic or geometric).

With a slightly rough biker jacket on a light chiffon – a surprisingly harmonious, balanced combination. A jumper of a pastel shade and a top-vest will suit black trousers and a jacket. There are almost no restrictions in shoes, wear at least high boots, at least converse, at least loafers – different shoes give only a different semantic shade to the image.

Black pants – it’s not all that we offer. We will not talk about blue jeans, they are rather tired of them, but we will pay attention to gray ones. They are very good in company with a white blouse and black ankle boots, and of course a leather jacket. With a black leather jacket, it’s easy to put together a cool black total bow. There are several ways:

  1. Little Black Dress + Black Tights + Black Boots + Biker Jacket.
  2. Black Pencil Skirt + Black Top + Biker Jacket + High Boots or Bright Color Boots.

Pay special attention to accessories, although handbags do not always follow the general black picture, they have every right to be bright and catchy

Let’s try red

Red is a shade of bright and extraordinary women. What to wear with such a bright leather jacket? Do not get too carried away with shocking and combine a red or burgundy leather jacket with other leather things. So as not to spoil the image with frankness. To emphasize the beauty of scarlet skin, it is advisable to choose things in pastel colors, muted shades of brown and blue. Of course, white and black look most solemn when combined with red.

How to wear a red leather jacket

The red jacket looks “right” on black, gray and white backgrounds. Therefore, wear jumpers, tops, blouses and dresses of these colors and all their shades without fear. As for the other part of the bow, ripped jeans in blue, light blue, black are a must have. Add a little black dress, sexy pencil skirt and black sun skirt to the list of must-haves too. To make it easier to imagine how to combine and combine all this, let’s write down a couple of recipes:

  • with a light gray hat + dark gray jumper + gray-blue distressed jeans + black pumps + red leather jacket = the perfect bow for everyday walks # 1
  • black hat + white blouse + black skinny + low-heeled ankle boots + large black bag + red biker jacket = perfect bow for everyday walks # 2
  • Used layered short dress + red biker jacket + coarse short boots or suede ankle boots with thick heels = perfect look for a date

A bit of history

The history of the leather jacket began at the beginning of the 20th century. Although mass production appeared 20-30 years later. And since then, it is customary to call a leather jacket a fitted leather jacket with an oblique main zipper. Moreover, it was decided to make the “lightning” exactly obliquely because of the imperfection of the technologies of that time. In order to reduce the load on the lock.

Initially, there were exclusively male models, since due to the protective properties of the leather jacket it was convenient to wear the military, pilots and policemen. But by the end of the 20th century, models appeared for the fair sex.

What to wear with a brown leather jacket

If in the preceding paragraphs we have not paid tribute to the blue jeans, but now we can not do this. For a brown jacket, they are ideal partners; you can add another brown or slightly reddish element to the image – shoes. But upstairs it is better to wear a cozy jumper or sweater in black, beige or white. Speaking of white, milk-colored trousers can take jeans out of place. We love the way brown plays with burgundy and pale pink, so it doesn’t hurt to wear a brown leather jacket on dresses in these colors.

A short light brown biker jacket looks spectacular with blue high-waisted jeans and leather leggings. Let’s add a couple more colors that can be included in the looks with a brown leather jacket – these are red and gray. How best to do this, look at the photo:

“IMG Here”

Harmonizing colors

Designers offer models in a variety of color variations and it is not always easy to combine them. The most versatile black, it is organically combined with a wide variety of wardrobe items and accessories.

Brown models are the second most popular. Such a jacket may well become a basic piece in a wardrobe, it goes well with beige, yellow and red things.

A beige jacket will harmonize well with many things; it looks feminine and elegant.

Glamor lovers often focus on pink models, they go well with light jeans and look smart. This color is more suitable for young ladies, but an older lady, having picked up a noble shade, will look good in a pink leather jacket. White models also look interesting, along with black ones are combined with almost all elements of clothing. They look expensive and feminine.

What to wear with a beige jacket

A black jacket, even if it’s a leather jacket, looks gentle and sophisticated. Therefore, try to maintain this lightness and femininity throughout the bow. Wear a beige jacket with fluffy short dresses in pastel shades as well as black. We also like the way this jacket looks with a gray knitted dress and skirts with a small floral print.

And there was the last sub-question, which was already partly covered: “What shoes to wear with a leather jacket?” Black shoes are suitable for a jacket of any color: loafers, ankle boots with thick heels, high boots, oxfords. In the case of a red jacket, you can hooligan and dress up your legs in green shoes. Brown timberlands are suitable for a brown leather jacket, and gray boots for a beige jacket.


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