Hymenoplasty treatment in Punjab


Hymenoplasty in Punjab

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure where women are helped to get their integrity back or get their virginity back. It is a very popular procedure many women have. A hymen is a ring-like membrane in a woman’s vagina that acts as a roadblock. The medical benefit of it is unknown, but in society, it is known as virginity. It’s about half an inch inside the vagina and has a pinkish hue. Many women lose their virginity and then regret it later, and through hymenoplasty in Punjab, women can get that back. Remember, a hymen can also break due to exercise and sports activity and not all hymen bleed during the first intercourse. This surgery does not guarantee blood.

A hymenoplasty in Punjab is easily accessible by all women above 18. This surgery usually takes 2-3 hours depending upon the technique your surgeon is using. The patient will be discharged 5-6 hours after the surgery.

There are 3 types of techniques for hymenoplasty in Punjab

  1. The basic technique – if there are remains of the hymen, the surgeon uses them to restructure the hymen. In this technique, a surgeon sews the remaining hymen, and it usually takes an hour to perform under general anaesthesia.
  2. The All-plant technique–This technique is used when there is no remaining hymen, so it can’t be restitched. Here, a surgeon inserts a biomaterial, and this tear-through material acts as a hymen. This surgery takes around 2 hours under anaesthesia.
  3. Hymen reconstruction – in this technique, a surgeon uses tissue from the lip of the vagina to restructure the hymen. But note that through this surgery, patients have to abstain from sexual intercourse for 3 months.

Hymenoplasty has helped countless women to feel good about themselves and get a second chance.

Many older women get vaginal rejuvenation to feel young about their bodies again. This is very popular as many women get this procedure. Women who feel bad about their bodies after a certain age and desire to feel young again once more. a hymenoplasty is a solution for you.

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In many cases, because of the rigorous use of tampons or excessive exercise, the hymen broke, so many women to make their first time special, get hymenoplasty in Punjab.

After having this surgery, women feel more confident and happier about themselves as they say a happy mind happy life.

This procedure provides great mental satisfaction to the patients, which allows them to lead a more happy and peaceful life with their families.

In many cultures, it’s taboo to be sexually active before marriage, so many women to fit in the cultural norms have this surgery.

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We make sure to provide the best experience to our patients, you can consult our professional and best in the country surgeons to clear all your doubts and worries regarding this surgery. Now that you know everything about Hymenoplasty in Punjab, visit here to set an appointment with the best surgeons in the country today! Many women lose their virginity and then regret it later, and through hymenoplasty in Punjab, women can get that back.