6 Factors to consider when choosing the best laptop under 25,000

best laptop

Laptops have become mainstream in the current times, especially after the start of the pandemic. The new world order has brought about major changes in the current education and employment sectors. In this current scenario, the sale of laptops has risen significantly. If you require the services of a laptop but have budget constraints, you need not be disappointed. 

Advancement in technology has ensured the inculcation of some basic facilities in laptops, which are now available at affordable rates. You can purchase the best laptops on the Bajaj EMI Store. Here are six factors that you should consider before purchasing the best laptop under 50,000 INR.

 The latest version of Windows OS should preferably come pre-installed

An operating system is a vital component of any computer. It is responsible for managing the laptop’s resources, hardware and software alike. An operating system helps establish a user interface through which any person can operate it without encountering any difficulty. Among the spectrum of options such as Windows OS, macOS, Chrome OS etc., Windows happens to be the most preferred platform across the world. Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Windows is an uncomplicated platform, extending the sheer comfort of use.

Additionally, almost every software is compatible with Windows OS, rendering it the go-to option. When you look for the best laptop under 50,000 INR, try to ensure that it comes with a pre-installed Windows OS. Purchasing it separately in the open market would imply extra expenditure. To get hold of the latest version, you will have to spend anywhere between 4,000 INR and 9,000 INR extra. 

A powerful chipset for the price range incorporated into the system

A processor is another integral part of any laptop. It imparts the instructions that the device requires for functioning. The more powerful a processor is, the faster the gadget can breeze through the task. The presence of a robust processor implies that any unwanted delays and lags remain at bay. In the sub- 50 ,000 INR section, it’ll be an uphill task to find an updated and efficient processor. 

Intel Core Pentium is the most common processor integrated into entry-level laptops. You can opt for it as a last resort. However, try and choose a model that comes equipped with Intel i3 7th Generation processor or higher. Do not compromise on the processor while selecting the best laptop under 50,000 INR.

SSD over HDD

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have caused quite a stir in the market, gradually becoming more popular than Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Though HDDs come with substantial storage space, they tend to slow down the device substantially. SSDs, on the other hand, facilitate efficient booting and unhindered multitasking. 

They play a crucial role in increasing the user experience. Laptops equipped with the power of both HDD and SSD are expensive, and hence, you will have to settle with either of the two. We suggest that you look for an SSD model to streamline your experience with the laptop. Once you own an SSD-powered laptop, rebooting time will reduce exponentially. So, you need not wait before you get going with your work. 

Lightweight model to enhance the portability

Lesser the weight, the more portable a laptop is. And lightweight laptops become the perfect companion if you are a frequent traveller. Even if you are not, it is certainly an element to consider. Any model weighing less than 1.60kg should be considered, even if you possess a limited budget.

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Limited usage needs to be taken into account

While you are investing in the base variants, you need to account for other aspects. You must not try indulging in intensive activities on the laptop such as video-editing, gaming, programming etc. These low-budget devices are more suited for simple and uncomplicated tasks such as everyday browsing, data entry etc. Ensure the longevity of your laptop by restricting its use to specific fields. Otherwise, it may overheat and malfunction in the long run.

A reliable brand

Once you fulfil the above-mentioned criteria, choose a brand that you can depend on. Industry leaders such as Dell, HP, Acer etc., are usually the go-to options, but it will be tough to land a versatile model from these companies. Ultimately, the decision rests on you but try and choose a trustworthy name possessing years of experience in this field. 

From where should you purchase the best laptop under 50,000 INR?

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is where you will enjoy multiple features in place for the consumers’ convenience. Discounts, cashback offers etc., will help you save further on the purchase laptop and pc mouse pads. The tenor of the EMI ranges between 3 and 24 months which eases the entire payment procedure. 

No Cost EMI can also be accessed by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Those who wish to pay the entire amount in EMI form can access the zero down payment facility on select models. This festive season, you can also avail of cashback vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000 on the EMI Store!

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