Importance of Polygons in Real-Life


Polygons are a fundamental topic while studying geometry in the early classes, and acquiring a good knowledge of polygons forms an excellent base for middle school mathematics. As we know, polygons are the basic geometric shapes introduced to students when they start studying geometry. Students find it easy to understand polygons at this level and enjoy learning the names of several polygon shapes. Younger children and toddlers are inspired to learn about polygons when playing with polygon-shaped toys. To recall, polygons are closed two-dimensional shapes formed by straight lines. Let’s understand the importance of learning polygons in our daily existence.

The importance of polygons relates to the variety of polygon shapes that are often used in the construction of modern structures. Polygons are classified based on the number of sides they have. The study of polygons helps in designing structures and making them beautiful. For example, a triangle, a three-sided polygon, is often used in architecture because the shape addresses beauty powerfully. Moreover, polygons reduce the number and quantity of material needed to complete a structure, thus reducing costs and maximizing profits in a business environment.

We can observe different polygon shapes in many aspects of our life. For example, floor tiles generally have geometrical shapes. The trusses of a bridge and the walls of a building are some more examples of polygon shapes. Generally, the trusses are triangular whereas the walls are rectangular. Though we have several shapes, the triangular shape plays a significant role in the field of construction. The strength of a triangular shape derives from its shape, which spreads forces equally among its three sides. The type of triangles used in the structure does not matter since they are stable and intrinsically rigid; the three sides of the shape mutually reinforce each other. Some well-known examples of the triangular shape include the Louvre, the pyramids of Egypt, etc.

Another important polygon shape is a quadrilateral; quadrilaterals include several shapes such as square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, etc. Among all shapes, the rectangular shape is one of the most common polygons in many things that we use. The rectangle is used in numerous applications such as the field of construction, which usually consists of rectangular-shaped buildings. Besides, tables, windows and doors are all examples of rectangular shapes. Most televisions are rectangles to provide smooth and comfortable viewing, and we can say the same for photo frames and display screens of mobiles.

We can also observe road signs in various polygon shapes – the signs are printed on polygon-shaped boards. Star-shaped patterns are also examples of a polygon. A wide range of designs can be represented using polygons.

Apart from the above-mentioned polygons, we have other types such as pentagon, hexagons, septagons, octagons, nonagons, etc. We can observe many things that are in the shape of a pentagon, for example, the sections on soccer balls. Thus, we have many advantages of using polygons in our daily life. The use of polygons has made our life more comfortable in all aspects.