Z-Library: Unveiling Our Identity


Z-library is the internet’s largest digital library space that provides the free access to a vast array of information. We believe in the power that comes from knowledge and support the unrestricted access to information.

In the face of a global issue of obscuring information by obscuring wealth and privilege We are determined to halting this practice by providing access online for free to more than 14 million scientific and academic digital sources.

Our platform is used by more than 30000 educational institutions around the world and more than 600,000 students worldwide. In the digital age there’s no excuse not to be able to access information.

Most of our readers are either teachers or students who have university email addresses, Ventsmagazine.com says. This allows us to gain a better understanding of the magnitude of the desire of students to learn. Although this is a conservative estimate, our database provides tens of thousands of registered users across several countries, including China, India, Indonesia and in the United Kingdom, and Australia. There are many more in smaller nations around the globe.

Z-library’s mission is to offer books and educational resources for students of all different ages. We aim to provide the 78 million kids that don’t have access education across the globe. We are also extensively used by institutions of higher education who use our platform to discuss and gain access to information and ideas which otherwise could be overlooked and get lost due to the lack of access.

In the top five schools in China alone We have more than 10,000 users registered. Additionally, we have substantial presence in other universities across the globe, like the ones in Ireland, Ghana, South Africa, Colombia, and many more. We believe that there’s no disadvantage to higher education institutions across the globe being able to connect together and have access to information shared by other institutions.

Looking forward

We’re looking at establishing physical libraries in line with our goal to make education more affordable. There are currently more than 150 distribution points or “Z-points,” in 42 countries across different continents. We also have an exchange program among members that allows them to send physical publications and other resources to one another.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and our library is among the top available anywhere, but we’d like to offer it for people who do not have stable internet or a mobile device/PC. We don’t want only the wealthy getting richer by having access to information for free however, we want everyone to be richer.

Our system allows us to keep our website running by relying on donations from individuals across the globe. We’d appreciate their support for helping us to get closer to our goal every day. It’s safe to say there’s been no more perfect time in the history of mankind for anyone to have access to massive quantities of information We’re doing all we can to make it an actuality.